Balancing classes through point buy system?

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Danbala wrote:

I'm not sure if this has been discussed before, but has Paizo paid any thought to possibly balancing classes through the point buy system? It might be a good way to encourage people to play classes that are significantly dependent on multiple attributes.

For example, you have have the rule that all classes are on a 15 point buy system as a default but that the monk class gets +5 points for a total of 20 points by default.

I got bored and decided to do a comparison between the fighter and monk, no race, no magic items, all 10's for every stat, 20th level. For the sake of this comparison, the figher gets a longsword, light wooden shield, and studded leather armor (gear within a light carrying load for Str 10).

Fighter 20th
HP = 20d10 or 124
Skills = 2 max rank skills
Attacks = +26/+21/+16/+11 (weapon focus, greater weapon focus, weapon training)
Damage = 1d8+8 or 12 (weapon specialization, greater weapon specialization, weapon training)
Saves = +12/+6/+6 (bravery)
AC = 10 + 3 + 1 or 14 (studded leather, light wooden shield)
CMB = +20
CMD = 30
Features = 7 bonus feats (4 feats used for weapon focus, weapon specialization, greater weapon focus, and greater weapon specialization), bravery, armor training, weapon training, armor mastery, weapon mastery

Monk 20th
HP = 20d8 or 103
Skills = 4 max rank skills
Attacks = +18/+18/+13/+13/+8/+8/+3
Damage = 2d10 or 11 (magic, lawful, adamantine, stunning fist DC 20, quivering palm DC 20)
Saves = +12/+12/+12 (evasion, still mind, improved evasion)
AC = 10 + 5 or 15 (AC bonus)
CMB = +20 (maneuver training)
CMD = 30 (AC bonus)
Features = 6 bonus feats, flurry of blows, stunning fist, unarmed strike, AC bonus, evasion, fast movement, maneuver training, still mind, ki pool (magic, lawful, adamantine), slow fall, high jump, purity of body, wholeness of body, improved evasion, diamond body, abundant step, diamond soul, quivering palm, timeless body, tongue of the sun and moon, empty body, perfect self

HP = figher has more hit points, equivalent to having the Toughness feat
Skills = monk is better
Attacks = fighter has +8 on attacks, but monk has 3 additional attacks
Damage = figher has an edge with higher averages and minimums but less potential damage or special abilities
Saves = monk is better
AC = monk is slightly better (if the fighter had more carrying capacity, he could have an AC as high as 23 with a tower shield and full plate armor, but that would cost 1,530 gp and require a strength of 18)
CMB = same
CMD = same
Features = monk has a wider array of features that allow them to defend against special attacks, heal themselves, use spell-like abilities, get around, and interact with the world at large. They are also the fastest class in the game.

Conclusion: The monk will be fine without an additional +5 to their point buy. If this comes off as snarky, I appologize. I just honestly don't see why people feel classes that use more than one or two ability scores need to be treated differently, because I believe the designers already took that into consideration.

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