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Yeah; unfortunately I think the "big game" has been hobbling along on life support for a while now (witness 3 different GMs in 2 years), so it's more of a final admission that it's time to take a break.

What's more impressive is losing the "little games" -- yet again last week we had no WotR, and it looks like this week it's going to be Thursday-only.

Fortunately, I'm 4 months behind on my WotR journals so those'll still be coming along on a regular basis for quite a while now. Heck, by the time I've caught up Gothbard's game'll probably be out and we'll be cranking through the rest of THAT AP...

EDIT: Hahaha! "Regular basis". Ever the optimist! That's me!

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Silver lining - the longer GothBard's game is on hiatus, the more time I have to catch up to you guys! We just finished the second book, so I can now go back over the stuff you did.

I'll let Bruendor sum up his feelings in a separate post.

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F**k that island. Letting the goblin burn it to the ground with his elementals was the best decision I ever made.

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