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I am a recent WoT addict. Being interested in WW2 stuff since I was 10 I checked the game over a year ago but wasn't hooked. They pimped it since then and also added fairer matchmaking (you can't be paired with much more powerful/weaker tanks now) and this got me hooked, to say the least.

Finding a game in random is very fast (usually under 5s), random is often chaotic, sometimes your team has an unspoken coordination that makes you grin and waste the opponents like no tomorrow, and sometimes you just get rolled. The various tanks are quite different to play and even similar tanks have enough differences to like one and hate the other. The difficulty level raises steadily from tier 1 to tier 10, just as it should be. The balance is pretty good, mostly.

So how does MWO compare to WoT?

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I started playing WoT about 3 weeks ago. Love the game and got my BF hooked. It has a few things that just don't make since like how tough the Non-existent never made but designed French Tanks are. And how a 105 round bounces off tanks even when hitting in the weakest point not to mention shooting through Rocks and buildings and Seeing a tank shoot and it vanishes before your eyes even though it was not moving and the round misses even though it should have been Dead on. But I do enjoy the game for the most part. I loves a good tank game and this is he best out right now for simulation. To bad WOA is not as good as Warbirds or others. I find the planes hand squirrely with a joystick and sluggish with a mouse and then not having proper controls and cockpit makes it very disorienting and arvade like

MWO I have tried, and tried and tied and it just does not compute. I've had the smallest mech take out the Biggest mech and not even hurt them. I find MWO very frustationg

Sovereign Court

Played both, got bored to tears of both quickly.

Honestly though, i like MWO much much much better. I'd rather run around in a walking tank that shoots lasers and missiles. More fun.

As for world of warplanes, that is the biggest waste of developer funds and money i have seen.

War Thunder is a great game, even if it's still in the beta phase.

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