The August Shipment might be too much to handle

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Oh most awesome customer service: Due to the Visions of WAR books and the already pretty well packed subscriptions for August, that months is thrashing wildly through my bank account. Would it be possible, for this reason, to keep the Star Wars RPG—Edge of the Empire: Core Rulebook Hardcover,and the Star Wars RPG—Edge of the Empire: Game Master's Kit in my sidecart until October (September being pretty packed due to Razor Coast)?

Thank you, oh most awesome customer service!

Dark Archive Customer Service Representative

Unfortunately we do not have a method for holding items in your sidecart from shipping with your subscriptions; our system automatically grabs everything from your sidecart as it generates subscription orders.

If you would like, I can cancel these items from your sidecart and you can re-order them after the August subscription has passed.

~Justin Riddler
Customer Service

Scarab Sages

Please do that, oh most awesome customer service. Thank you.

Lantern Lodge Customer Service Dire Care Bear Manager

Those two items have been cancelled.

sara marie

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