What campaign world do you use as a GM?

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Using Pathfinder I have a homebrew world. But I'm also Gming a Fantasy HERO game using Golarion.

Currently playing homebrew (war of the roses meets lord of the rings) as a bit jaded with Golarion

Forgotten Realms might be my all time favorite but I haven't used it in a while. My last two multi-year campaigns were Age of Worms (greyhawk) and Second Darkness (Golarion). I like both. Most of my one shot adventures or short campaign arcs currently take place in Midgard.

Since switching to Pathfinder RPG...

I've planned one short campaign in Masque of the Red Death (Ravenloft for 1890s Earth), kicking off with Hangman's Noose adapted to London instead of Absalom, then moving into a Victorian Ghost Hunters motif. But it didn't get off the ground.

I'm presently running a campaign in Ustalav on Golarion. I love Golarion's pantheon, and love to run undead-centric campaigns, so all my players know Pharasma by now. I'm also a canon-continuity aficionado (aka canon lawyer) so I love running in a rich established canon.

Prior to switching to Pathfinder RPG, I ran a 3.5e game in the Forgotten Realms, but my players in that campaign weren't campaign savvy, so they might remember references to Mystra or Shar, but not much else. I liked Faerun's pantheon, but I actually prefer Golarion's pantheon, so I doubt I'll ever got back to Forgotten Realms.

I also hope to one day run a Ravenloft game, but I don't like how Ravenloft doesn't have a significant pantheon, so I may just stick with Ustalav in Golarion.

I still DM and play on a Neverwinter Nights server that is set in the 3.5e version of Cormyr in the Forgotten Realms. (Present year of that campaign is 1377 DR.)

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Since I've been GMing for most of the last 25 years, I've used a number of setting, mostly Greyhawk with a little gaming in Darksun and Ravenloft for variety.

Since the end of dungeon magazine, I have only run games in Ptolus (we did the spire campaign) and my own homebrew, which is a bronze age world. Golarion doesn't really appeal to me. Feels too huge, like Forgotten Realms did.

I actually use the APs (so far we have used Kingmaker and The Red Hand of Doom) to flesh out parts of my world. I just modify the trappings and make it fit, but leave the stories otherwise intact. I think Tides of dread mixed with selected parts of other APs will be the next campaign set in my homebrew. I'm envisioning Robinson Crusoe meets Jurassic Park.

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In order of preference...

1. Midgard
2. Forgotten Realms (pre 4e)
3. Golarion
4. Iron Kingdoms

These days I mostly run in Midgard but I still occasionally play an AP set in Golarion.

I'm in the middle of fleshing out a homebrew campaign setting; it's going along rather quickly actually. Unfortunately no players, so I may share the setting instead.

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Currently: Taladas (on Krynn)
Last Campaign: Golarian (due to Kingmaker)
Prior: Forgotten Realms, due to modules

Krynn and the Realms are easier for me to envision and flesh out due to having read many many good (and bad) novels in those realms growing up. The lazy part of me just doesn't want to memorize what all is happening in Golarian.

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I play mainly in homebrew settings, but Golarion is the only one we play that has been published

I mainly use my homebrew world. After I'm done with this next campaign I'm planning, will be switching to Golarion.

When I GM I always run Eberron. Such an interesting place. Last campaign I ran ended in essentially a world war with no closure, my next campaign may be same world but feed into a Galorian setting, maybe. My friend always runs Ravenloft and his brother usually runs Planescape.

We got lots of people who enjoy being game master :D

I currently run an amalgam of The Forgotten Realms and Golarion using PF. I've been running FR games for years, and with each campaign it has drifted further from canon as I added stuff, and now my newest one is a perfect blend of both settings with lots of other stuff thrown in.

I have a completely homebrew setting, but for some reason, I don't want to run games in it... probably because I like having tons of published stuff available as 'filler'. So my HB world is more of a 'labor of love', that hasn't much use ATM. Someday I might publish it as a setting, or write stories set in it, or maybe just have it buried with me.

Being able to use all the FR and Gol material is more then enough to last me a lifetime, so my sandbox amalgam is all I need. In THIS WIP you can see how I swapped-out Aglarond for Varisia (at 2/3 scale). Thats Absalom down in the lower left corner - its now part of a 5-island republic. Other bits are spread all over the place (and the original FR map has been completely run through a blender).

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Greyhawk, but currently a mix up of red hand of doom and saga of the shadow lord in mystery.

I like using Golarion, but I also like changing things from the actual setting to suit my own tastes. I do it no matter what setting I GM for.

My current game I have going the evil PC's are 300 years in the future after some crazy epic world-changing events happened which turned pretty much the whole planet evil except for a few small areas which still have good cities/people in them.

I've done similar things in the different settings, mostly in the FR Faerun setting.

I'll also go with homebrew. But I crib extensively from other sources for sources when it suits a need.

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Homebrew world of 33 years, with a lot elements from almost everything since 1e D&D. Heavy use of Golarion.

Greyhawk/Forgotten Realms/Dark Sun/Mystara/Ravenloft/spelljammer/planescape/birthright/4e concepts/Golarion.

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I've got three different homebrew worlds in different stages of being ready.

Most recently what I've run are PF modules adapted to the second of those three settings, since that one's intended to use PF rules, while the others are not. That, so far, has just required being judicious in adventure selection, and filing off some serial numbers to replace with my own. Actually, I'm using those to crowdsource bits of information about the setting from my players.

For my main campaigns: Pre-Spellplague Forgotten Realms. Effectively just after the 3E timeline started since that’s where our campaign paused 10+ years ago before we started up again.
There are things I like about Golarion, but much of their pantheon doesn’t quite “do it” for me* and I like higher level games where PCs bounce all over the place, so the limited information on the continents on Golarion creates a chilling effect for my main campaign. That said, they will be jumping around quite a bit and I may have to do some sort of “surprise, this is GALLOWSPIRE!” type of thing to the 18th L+ characters…

I also have a few homebrew planets, one of which I’ve been using since the late 80’s which now that I think about it seems disturbingly close to some of the Golarion world (whole planet being a prison for something even the gods fear inside, an isolated area infested by demons from the abyss held back mostly by the near-suicidal bravery of the humans who are keeping them from expanding, and a “lost continent” which had incredibly advanced magic and was destroyed by outside catastrophe). I usually minimize exposure to homebrew except to my vet players, though, as it often takes way more time and effort for new players to "catch up" with the knowledge of my vets regarding homebrew stuff.

In the past I’ve run in pretty much every published campaign setting before 3E as I worked in game stores and had easy access to reference materials to read between customers 

If I were to start a completely new campaign I might try it out in Golarion, but I would actually probably check out the Midgard Campaign Setting since they seem to be the ones who finally got gnomes right (well, outside of Dark Sun / Athas where the gnome genocide was successful). I’m still hoping that they will reveal gnomes to be spies for Nyarlathotep or whatever changed Zon-Kuthon into Zon-Kuthon…


*though funny enough Caiden Caylean is one of the reasons I was introduced to Pathfinder. There are a FEW of the PF deities I really like, but mostly because of their flaws and the amusement I have about thinking about interactions with their avatars (Besmara, Caiden Caylean & Erastil).

Lord Mhoram wrote:
a Fantasy HERO game using Golarion.

Sounds pretty sweet.

My players like big expansive persistent worlds in a multitude of flavors, so we've been using a mix of homebrew content with nearly all the existing D&D/PF verses existing along-side each other. Essentially Planescape taken to another level more or less -- I've dubbed our version of the world The Planarverse. Figuring out ways to make all the verses live along-side each other (taking liberties where necessary for consistency) in a persistent world has proven to be both a complete pain in my ass and a fulfilling experience.

As a result of my players philosophy in playing PnP (and the fact that none of us live near each other anymore) they do much more roleplaying than "game" playing (we do Play-By-Post on a private forum normally -- switching to VTT for dungeon crawling/combat -- so they have the luxury of creating walls of text if they desire, which they often do), preferring to treat the game (which we have referred to as the Roleplay since its creation, telling of the mindset I think) as a virtual world their characters exist in over a gaming staging ground. In light of that, fleshing out the worlds has been one of the things I was unable to fudge -- you've never seen so many economic simulation spread sheets for Pathfinder.

Anyways, not locking down to a singular verse or even a set of similar-verses has proven to sometimes be a hindrance of course -- figuring out what direction the group wants to go next can be a challenge with the sheer options available (in the context of creating new characters, or Sandbox sessions). Sometimes I wish we could just go back to the simple days of "We're using this world, you're gonna kill Mr. Evil in this tower here, sell his loot in town, and then drink at the nearest tavern -- and then we'll do it again tomorrow", but alas those days are behind us.

Rynjin wrote:

As someone currently playing (well the first session doesn't start until Wednesday but whatever) in an Eberron in Pathfinder game as a Kalashtar Psion, I feel compelled to point out that there are already conversions of those races.






Thanks for the support. The thread for the conversion is Tzizimine's Eberron to Pathfinder Conversion


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I'm using APs for my game (being too busy to write as much as I'd like) so I'm using Golarion by default.

But whenever I need to do a one-shot I like Ravenloft. But I'm also considering runing a one-shot in Eberron or Midnight.

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I run two tables.

My primary table is always homebrew; the previous one was in a small material plane that was a crux point for the multiverse; it started as straight 3.5e, went to epic levels, merged in the Pathfinder rules when they came out, and ended with them facing down Mephistopheles in his own citadel.

This group will be starting up again soon; I don't want to say much about it, but the new setting is going to draw heavily from Distant Worlds.

The second is a monthly straight Golarion-based group which is (sort of) running through Carrion Crown, though we're skipping Howl at the Moon to run through a bit of Rappan Athuk instead; I've placed it between Vauntil and Caliphas on Avalon Bay (conveniently near Illmarsh).

I use a home brew but its main component is the old basic D&D know world with bits and bobs from different campaigns and even game systems

My own campaign is being run in the world of Uresia: Grave of Heaven, specifically in Shadow River. Needless to say, it's taken a little bit of conversion work, but things are going well.

I prefer Ravenloft, but that's a very particular kind of game, and isn't suited for every kind of group. So, I don't get to set games there much these days.

When doing a more "vanilla" kind of game, I like to set it in Greyhawk. Now that my group is all about PF, I've tried setting a few games in Golarion, but I'm just not feeling that setting at all. But, my group is all about it. I might be getting a turn in the DM seat again soon, so for the good of the group, I might need to give Golarion another try. Blah.

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Eberron. Starting a new game in a month in Breland. I have rune a two year long game centered on th Emerald Claw. Was fantastic with Pathfinder.

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When I first started GMing, I ran my adventures in Nehwon right up until when the party decided they didn't feel like sticking around Lankhmar anymore. Not long afterwards, the party got lost in Ningauble's caves and found themselves in Elsemar, the homebrew world I'd started work on a couple years before I discovered D&D.

Since then, pretty much all of my campaigns have been in Elsemar with the exception of a few brief forays into Ravenloft, and a local Skull & Shackles game that I inherited from another GM (which is on Golarion).

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