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How am I supposed to run this module? Do I have to retro everything to 3.5? I can't run it as is using PF rules because some of the encounters make zero sense (spiked chains lost reach in PF). My local VL has told me that nothing may changed and since he'll be running another table of it, we need to be consistent, but if I run it as written I may as well hand out the chronicles and let the people go home early. It's going to be absolutely zero challenge.

I did a search, but it appears that the official ruling is you can not change anything. For all the money Paizo has made off this scenario over the years, you would think they could update it to the current rules.

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I assume you are referring to Act 1. When I ran this, the party used diplomacy to bypass this encounter.
But I believe that once any NPC tactics are rendered ineffective, the GM may change those tactics. I wouldn't change the gear, but I would change the placement of the NPCs to make better use of the weapons they do have.

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I think your VL might be wrong on that one - you're both right.

Run as Written is fairly loosely applicable in situations like this, but keep it close if you can. Better to change tactics (or positioning) if you can help it.

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There has been previous discussion on this scenario.

In the past GMs have swapped out the chains with other reach weapons. If you aren't comfortable doing that, then I have another suggestion. Ask the players for permission. Tell them about the problem, propose a fix and see what they say. The whole point of "Run As Written" is to avoid creating unbalanced fights that lead to player angst. If the players own the decision there can be no angst about a bad outcome. If the players don't want the Steel Wyverns to have reach then call them sissies and ask if anyone needs to go to the potty before the game starts.

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I agree with Doug ask permission to change the weapons to the way they were in 3.5e otherwise that encounter is kinda nerfed.

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I noticed another issue during my final prep, but it was too late to bring to the board.

The explosive gas hazard is listed as a 20' radius in one place and a 30' radius in two others. Which is correct?

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