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Is there a master list of titles for all of the modules from each season.

I messed up and got locked into replaying a module I already played for no credit. It was Scenario 14: Many Fortunes of Grandmaster Torch which I had on my list as 1 level module and not zero.

A master list, if there is one, would allow me to cross check my mods and assign them appropriately.

Thank you.

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There are many online. Just use the Google and you'll probably find something.

I made one for my local area and hand it out when ppl show interest. Helps keep track of what characters have played/GMed what. Feel free to PM me if you want one.

I used Google. I found this question. May not have been when the answer was posted, but that answer is now circular.

Now there's an answer here. May not be the best answer, but it is an answer.

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Check out the document the folks at SCARAB have put together:

SCARAB downloads

you are looking for Pathfinder Society Checklist at the bottom of the page. There are a couple other nice documents here also.

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