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In Bestiary 2 both the Arbiter Inevitable and the Lyrakien Azata have commune as a spell-like ability, listing their caster levels as 12 and the number of questions they can answer as 6. However, per the description of commune the spell provides an answer to one question per caster level.

Which factors are incorrect?
1) The CL of these spell-like abilities
2) The number of answers provided in the stat block
3) The wording of the commune spell


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Specific overrides generic.

Thus all are correct. They count as twelfth level casters for purposes that may rely on caster level. They get six questions. The SLA otherwise functions as the Commune spell.

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While I appreciate that opinion, and that i what I have been ruling thus far, it does make me wonder if commune was confused with commune with nature which has 1 question per 2 caster levels.

It's probably because they are both improved familiars, and every improved familiar with commune have only six questions.
Balance or sumthin'.

Robert, the Imp in the Bestiary 1 has the same stats for Commune.
If you dig a bit farther back (ie: D&D 3.5) you will find it was that way in the Monster Manual as well.

D&D 3.5 Monster Manual Imp wrote:
Once per week an imp can use commune to ask six questions. The ability otherwise works as the spell (caster level 12th)

So, it is intentional and has been like that for at least two iterations of the game. When Pathfinder was developed out of 3.5 they kept it the same.

The newer 'Improved Familiars' are granted the same ability that the Imp was granted. Thus, a line can be drawn from the 3.5 Imp through the PF Imp to the Lyrakien and Arbiter.

Now, what is really odd is that the Quasit doesn't have the same line. The Quasit is missing the CL 12th statement. It was present back in 3.5 though and is probably an oversight in Pathfinder.

The Cythnigot Qlippoth is also missing its CL 12th statement.

And if we really want to nitpick in just the Bestiary 2 the formatting for the Improved Familiars varies between:
(6 questions, CL 12th)
(six questions, CL 12th)
(CL 12th, six questions)
(CL 12th, 6 questions)
and (six questions)

Gotta love consistency! :)

- Gauss

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