Size of Wereshark in Hybrid form

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So my players and I are going through a pirate adventure in the Shackles and they came across the Harrow deck of Many Things.
One of my Players drew "The Bear" which would ordinarily turn him into a natural werebear, but this was an altered version that instead turned him into a Wereshark. I of course then read up about weresharks and my question is: What size are weresharks in hybrid form? The Bestiary states that the Hybrid form takes the larger size of the two base creatures, so with my player being medium and a shark being large that would make the hybrid form large. But everywhere else I've looked at hybrid forms of Weresharks, they're medium.
Can anyone give a definitive answer?

Usually specific trump general. I'very everywhere you look state that were shark are medium rather than large (as per the general rule in the Bestiary) go with medium...or upper end of medium

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