Best use for Nereid Grace


Nereid's Grace [Undine Racial Spell]

School enchantment (charm) [mind-affecting]; Level druid 1, witch 1

Casting Time 1 standard action
Components V, S

Range touch
Target you
Duration 1 round/level


You radiate the unearthly grace of a nereid. If you are not wearing armor (or your armor is not visible, such as when using glamered armor), you gain a deflection bonus to your Armor Class and CMD equal to your Charisma bonus.


I was thinking of acquiring Nereid Grace then taking sorceress levels to get permanency, could I use nereid's grace with permanency?

If not, how could I make it useful for a witch or druid since I'd need lots of levels to extend it's duration and boost charisma but it doesn't sound like a good idea as druid and witch don't benefit that much from charisma...

Thanks =D

It is a personal spell. Use a ring of continuation which makes any personal spell last 24 hours. Expensive but legal.

This is a no for permanency or just a faster/easier way?

Any spell printed after the core rule book that does nt include "This spell may be made permanent for a cost of XX00 gp" or something similar, is not valid to use with permanency.

"Whenever the wearer of the ring casts a spell with a range of personal and a duration of 10 minutes per level or greater, that spell remains in effect for 24 hours or until the wearer casts another spell with a range of personal (whichever comes first)."

This is one round per level so the ring would not grant the spell any benefit =/

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It's kind of odd that they made this spell limited to the Druid and Witch spell lists (both of which are likely as not to dump Charisma).

Thematically, the spell would have made sense for a Nature Oracle or a Fey Sorcerer.

Exactly my thoughts!
But I guess it would be VERY overpowered...

So what I was thinking is to make a Half Celestial to max charisma while still having high wisdom and another score, DM allowed a half celestial in another adventure and argued that they were not overpowered so I guess it won't be a problem

My GM let me make an amulet of this spell's constant effect. It's AWESOME! Some of the best GP I've ever spent and it's a charisma based character.

Buri wrote:
My GM let me make an amulet of this spell's constant effect. It's AWESOME! Some of the best GP I've ever spent and it's a charisma based character.

Wait what? I mean, it is completly houseruled right?

Negative. Using the standard pricing equation from the CRB magic item creation section too.

So 8k GP.

Keep in mind it takes up the amulet slot. No amulets of natural armor. Rings of protection are also useless. If he sunders or steals that one item a majority of my AC is gone. There's a lot of indirect balance involved.

Make a custom magic item, although it would be a little costly. -item-creation

A ring with a constant Nereid's grace effect would put you back 8k, or 4k to make.

EDIT: Ninja'd.

That's too powerful, imo. You can still fill the amulet slot and gain more AC through magic items. They why I did mine was to voluntarily sacrifice a potential item slot for AC gain.

You think that's bad? You could make an Ioun Stone with the same effect by doubling its price.

I can see what you mean though, I was just citing what was possible according to the magic item rules.

I see... if I wanted to create it myself what druid/witch caster level would I need?

True. Just keep in mind that'd be two different feats. CWI versus Forge Ring. My guy had CWI.

Some of those ioun stones are expensive as is. The +1 CL one would be 60k gp. Jebus!

You can do either as long as you have the craft feats and can make a spellcraft or craft (jewelry) check of 11 max.

Thinking about it though, as a GM I would probably break this up into 3 items. Lesser, normal and greater versions with lesser giving up to a +2 bonus at the 8k, normal giving up to +4 at 32k and greater giving up to +6 at 64k. That's much more balanced price per AC bonus and let's you get an early version that you can then upgrade as you adventure.

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Buri wrote:

Negative. Using the standard pricing equation from the CRB magic item creation section too.

So 8k GP.

There's also this, though:

CRB wrote:
The correct way to price an item is by comparing its abilities to similar items (see Magic Item Gold Piece Values), and only if there are no similar items should you use the pricing formulas to determine an approximate price for the item. If you discover a loophole that allows an item to have an ability for a much lower price than is given for a comparable item, the GM should require using the price of the item, as that is the standard cost for such an effect.

The maximum bonus you get from this item should be Bonus squared X 2,000gp. That's a maximum of +2 deflection bonus for 8,000gp. If you've got a 24 Charisma, and the item would net you a +7 deflection bonus, it should cost 98,000gp!!! I'd allow the crafter to simply upgrade the maximum deflection bonus over time.

CRB wrote:

Table: Estimating Magic Item Gold Piece Values Effect Base Price Example

Ability bonus (enhancement) Bonus squared x 1,000 gp Belt of incredible dexterity 2
Armor bonus (enhancement) Bonus squared x 1,000 gp +1 chainmail
Bonus spell Spell level squared x 1,000 gp Pearl of power
AC bonus (deflection) Bonus squared x 2,000 gp Ring of protection 3
AC bonus (other)1 Bonus squared x 2,500 gp Ioun stone (dusty rose prism)
Natural armor bonus (enhancement) Bonus squared x 2,000 gp Amulet of natural armor 1
Save bonus (resistance) Bonus squared x 1,000 gp Cloak of resistance 5
Save bonus (other)1 Bonus squared x 2,000 gp Stone of good luck
Skill bonus (competence) Bonus squared x 100 gp Cloak of elvenkind
Spell resistance 10,000 gp per point over SR 12; SR 13 minimum Mantle of spell resistance
Weapon bonus (enhancement) Bonus squared x 2,000 gp +1 longsword

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Samsaran Oracle or Sorcerer.

I guess these rules makes much more sense!

It should be really expensive xD

But it is ok, I will find a way to use it, specially if the DM really uses the "coming soon" mythical rules, from what I've read, I could give charisma many uses (and boosts)

blackbloodtroll wrote:
Samsaran Oracle or Sorcerer.

But... if I'm samsaran I'm not undine, the past life spell could be from another race? I suppose I'm always a samsaran, not?

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Although created for a specific race, these spells are not restricted to said race.

Any race may choose them.

Great! That's it! *_*

A Samsaran Fey Bloodline Sorceress with Nereid Grace would be amazing roleplay wise!

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