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I've recently moved back to the area and am looking for a Pathfinder (or other RPGs) group. Currently living in Fayette County, but am willing to drive into the city to game.

I've been playing tabletop RPGs since late 2004. I have quite a bit of experience with Pathfinder and D&D 3.5... less experienced with Star Wars Saga Edition, Warhammer RPG, and Shadowrun, but I'm interested in almost anything. I don't have a lot of experience GMing in any setting.

If you didn't mind heading up to Monroeville, I'd potentially be willing to host, DM, and provide beverages... if we could find at least one other player. If your preference runs more to organized play, there's a Society group in Greenville: Western PA thread.

Grand Lodge

I actually just moved to Pittsburgh from Indianapolis for work and would love to get in on a game. I've been playing/GMing for about 3 years or so I'm decently familiar with the rules. I'm in southern Pittsburgh, in the Whitehall area. (Really near West Mifflin and Brentwood). 28 y/o non-smoker, and no kids so I could even host if it were ever necessary. It's a small apartment, but it's only my wife and I (and our cat).

Sovereign Court

I live in Armstrong county, but would be willing to travel to the city for PFS. I'm a long-time PFRPG GM and player, but am brand-new to PFS. If you guys set anything up in the evening, I think I could join.

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