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I'm considering making a character for the Skull and Shackles storyline. I was going to play a human barbarian with the sea rager archetype. Part of the archetype is that the sea rager can hold their breath for a number of rounds equal to 4x their constitution score. So, if I had 18 constitution, I could hold my breath for 72 rounds.

I'm also looking at the human racial trait Heart of the Sea, which gives a racial bonus to swim checks and profession: sailor. This trait additionally states "They can hold their breath twice as long as normal". Would that stack with the Sea Rager benefits to holding breath? So, would 72 rounds become 144 rounds?

The way I'd look at it,
1. It's coming from 2 separate and distinct places, from a barbarian class ability, and from a racial ability.
2. It's not like being able to hold your breath a long time underwater is a game breaking trait, it just keeps you from drowning, and would possibly facilitate drowning someone else easier.

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First, this probably doesn't belong in the Pathfinder Society forums...

Second, normally you can hold your breath for twice your Constitution score in rounds, which means the sea rager archetype doubles the duration. The standard method for multiplying multipliers is to add the two together, and then subtract one; applying that here would mean you could hold your breath for six times your Constitution score in rounds, or 108 rounds.

You could two levels alchymist.

You'd gain a mutagen, giving you +4 STR and +2 AC at the cost of -2 INT.
If you took two levels, you'd could then take the feral mutagen discovery, giving you two claw attacks at full BAB (d6) and 1 bite at full BAB (d8).

You could then be a vivisectionist (sneak attack as a rogue), and an internal alchymist. As an internal alchymist, you could hold your breath for CON hours.

The internal alchymist does that at 1st level, and you gain the mutagen at 1st level as well. Second level is only for feral mutagen. So if you're going two-hande weapons, 1 level is enough to gain mutagen and the ability to hold your breath forever!

This is why I am reluctant to allow very much from Ultimate Magic. Too much of it is over the top IMHO. I take it on a case by case basis and see what fits in my campaign.

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