"The Private Diary of Lady Gabrielle d'Apcher" - PaizoCon 2013 Edition


OOC: As I did last year, I am aiming to do an in-character blog of PaizoCon. As I haven't left for the con yet, this post serves merely as a placeholder for links.


Shadow Lodge

Dear Lady Gabrielle d'Apcher,

Let me start by saying your new dress looks absolutely fabulous, the way it shows off the shine in your eyes is absolutely marvelous.

I should also note your performance in Opara was beyond magnificent.

Unfortunately I must send my regrets at not being able to see you at this wondrous occasion. You see recently Drandle Drenge sent me to Tian Xia to win the Ruby Phoenix tournament. Of course it has long since been over but there is no sense in arguing with the man. Now that I am here though I see a new fate ahead of me, one bigger then perhaps the Pathfinder Society. I hope to one day become the Most Powerful Mage in *ALL* Tian Xia.

With Regrets,
-Farak, The Most Powerful Mage in *ALL* Absalom

Sovereign Court

OOC: So, between the lack-of-quality-connection in the hotel and me packing really light this year, I was unable to do any of these posts while at PaizoCon. That's okay, because a lot happened to Lady Gabrielle over the course of the convention, much of which will be detailed here.

What follows is excerpted from the diary of one Lady Gabrielle d'Apcher, Lady of Taldor and Pathfinder. It covers the events of summer 4713.

4 Erastus 4713

If I fail to detach myself from them soon, I fear that I may lose my very soul. This whole business with the Cult of Lissala has taken a greater toll on my being than I thought it would. At first, I could understand the intentions of the Society in that they wanted to stop the rising of a Runelord. I could agree with them, even, as a risen Krune would only be a menace to the region. But the more I dealt with the cult, the more disillusioned I became. Not only did I witness fellow Pathfinders perform terrible acts while under the guise of “fighting” the Lissalans, but they liked it. They actually enjoyed accepting brands and evil items in their quest for power, all the while spouting their excuses about the “greater good.” Use evil to fight evil, they would say. Either they do not know the consequences of what they do, or they really are so depraved that their terrible actions have no effect on their consciences.

Perhaps they have seen so much blood, committed so much murder on behalf of the Ten, such that consuming a soul is no longer a meaningful slight. Perhaps they have become just what the Ten desire: unquestioning, unthinking, blunt instruments of death, eternally eager to perform horrible atrocities in order to increase their stocks of the world’s magical relics. Perhaps they are lost, without any desires and ambitions beyond recognition for their ability to slaughter and pillage. I will not be like them. I cannot be like them, for I know that if I were to fall into such deep chaos, my soul would be lost forever.

I look back, to one year ago, and I see that I felt much as I do now about those who command us, but I have grown only more spiteful towards my fellow Pathfinders. The Ten has remained constant, but my peers have changed. I was appalled by their reaction to that incident with the pirates, when even the followers of Miss Zadrian opted for violence over reason, and I have been looking for my exit from the Society ever since. I have to leave them soon, for I have caught myself considering vengeful thoughts. I have wondered if the Pathfinders wish to raise Krune themselves, out of some lust for his power, as their strategy for fighting him appears quite similar to that of his disciples’ method of raising him. I have even envisioned allowing them to do it, and refusing to prevent Krune’s immediate invasion of Varisia, just so the Society can face the consequences of their endless greed. I recently realized, though, that it would be better to walk away. It is a mess I do not wish to help them clean up, and so instead of watching them create it, I no longer want any part in it.

Sovereign Court

5 Erastus 4713

The Society has sent for me once more, although this time I am struck with a sense of relief. They do not intend for me to travel through the Tapestry in order to deal with that Krune matter. Instead, they would like me to stay closer to home. Perhaps my making myself inaccessible during and after my journey to Goka was enough for them to replace me? It would be pleasing to know that the Lissalan matter has been left to others more willing to sacrifice themselves for profit.

I was fortunate to have received a letter from a friend within the Society today. Farak, the proclaimed "Most Powerful Mage in *ALL* Absalom," has set his sights on *ALL* Tian Xia, it seems. I will have to wish him well, as his proclamations are good-natured, but I will also have to caution him, as Tian Xia is a much larger place than *ALL* Absalom, and not every culture there would appreciate such showmanship.

It is appropriate that the group the Society has assigned is one I am not used to traveling with. I have encountered the half-orc Killian before, and I recall all her peculiarities, such as insisting that she dress herself in ancient Taldan fashions. Being that she is a half-orc of no more than seven years, I guess that makes her a historian amongst her kind.

There is a dwarf with us, with a very plain name. Morgrym Anvilstrike sounds about as typical a name a dwarf can have. He would be about as plain as a dwarf could be, except he does not seem to enjoy alcohol. How peculiar. One would think that dwarves took to alcohol as a plant needed water.

As with many of the Chelish, Signifer Dravius Strath is quite unsettling. Apparently, he is some sort of diabolist, though he is at least polite enough to not parade around with his bound minions. I've never had tea with a devil, nor do I ever intend to.

Even though I much prefer what the Society intends for me today than they have recently, I am still not entirely eager to risk life and limb once more. It will be awhile before I appear at the Grand Lodge. I have more important appointments, anyway.

Sovereign Court

OOC: I'm back! A long and difficult month has kept me away from posting on the Taldor boards, so let's see if I can get back in the groove here. Also, as Lady Gabrielle experienced Eyes of the Ten at PaizoCon, the following posts will have a ton of Eyes spoilers, and will be marked accordingly. If you haven't done Eyes, resist the temptation to read them, because Eyes is the greatest thing Pathfinder Society has ever produced.

Requiem for the Red Raven:
As I lounge on Miss Petulengro's understuffed sofa, awaiting what is apparently called a Talespinning, I believe I am the least excited person in the room. Boasting about one's accomplishments, in a contest of oneupmanship, is a tradition which has far from grown on me since I first encountered the Pathfinders. I am also unsettled this evening, as Adril Hestram believes that this Talespinning has to do with his promotion to the Decemvirate, and I am to be somehow involved in a secret ritual. Have I been pulled into some elaborate test of loyalty?

I have never considered myself a particularly adept or boastful Pathfinder, though envision it is possible that my writings in the Chronicles might have entertained the leadership. If that is the case, then perhaps what I should do tonight is present a tale much like the ones I spin in my writings. If the Decemvirate are already aware of my writing, I cannot be faulted for telling a story in the same style.

Perhaps appropriately, I find myself envisioning the incident with the intrusion of the Fellnight Realm into the Verduran Forest. Perhaps the irony of the tale, in that the adventure or my involvement had nothing to do with the Society's wishes, will make the story more entertaining for me to tell. As is often the case, I am quietly entertained while on expeditions for the Society. I do hope this Talespinning represents the end of having to keep such secrets.

Grand Lodge

Pathfinder Adventure, Rulebook Subscriber

Agh, to have to wait until I play Eyes to read this! :)

(If you prefer your thread to be clean, let me know and I will delete this.)

Sovereign Court

OOC: Feel free to post to this thread. Though she does not advertise it, Lady Gabrielle enjoys hearing from her admirers, and composing letters of reply to them as well. Just make sure to spoiler-tag anything from Eyes of the Ten, or any other spoilers. I'm caught up on PFS for the most part, so don't worry about spoiling me.

Requiem for the Red Raven:
The unthinkable has just happened, right before my eyes! Instead of being raised into the ranks of the Ten, Adril Hestram instead received a quick death at the hands of the Red Raven, some sort of folk hero for the people of Galt. I wonder what Adril had done to deserve such a fate.

It is obvious that I was brought here, along with Dravius, Killian, and Morgrym, for more than an evening of storytelling. For the Red Raven himself to kill a Venture-Captain in this sort of manner, Adril must have done something to make him quite angry, and the Ten wanted us here to witness the Raven's reaction. They, and Miss Petulengro, know so much about us, as evidenced from the records found in her secret study. Are the four of us being tested, or are we being sacrificed?

My unwillingness to commit myself to being their blind pawn has placed me in an interesting position. Instead of capturing the Red Raven, exposing him to whatever grisly fate the Society would place on him, I decided it was more appropriate to let him escape. Adril must have done something quite damaging to compel the Raven to respond in the way he did; I believe it would be best to investigate the details.

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