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My players are working their way through the Rise of the Runelords Adventure path and have started to come across several rather unpleasant magic items. They don't want to use them or sell the items to someone who would use them.

I don't want them missing out on the gold from selling the items - nor do I want to change the items to be less unsavory.

Any suggestions on ways to handle the situation?


Magic items can be destroyed. It's not easy but it can be done.

My own house rules allow for magic to be extracted from magic items and re-used, much like residuum in 4e. But that's a house rule.

If they are obviously evil, then you could have a good aligned cleric buy them in hopes of either destroying them or, for want of a better term, consecrating them for goodness.

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What level/book are you at? there are a few options I can think of but it depends on where you are. Spoilers not needed, just a book is good.

if they are evil, and the good characters wish to destroy them, give them experience. If they don't want to sell them and don't want to use them, that is their choice. If they want to try and repurpose them for good, and will actually go through what needs to happen to do it, give them experience.

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There are several memorable ones from Book 2 as I recall. It won't help their WBL, but I gave them XP for turning them into good churches for either destruction or sealing them away from the world in holy vaults.

He's probably referring to the pile of evil masks from the Skinsaw Cult in chapter 2, as well as Aldern

I ran into this too, as it's over 30K of gear and my party has several LG characters. They're not going to just sell this stuff to Joe Shopkeeper. Fortunately, our Oracle has craft, so I'm allowing him to break down these items for their magical essence, at half value, of course. This allows him to still keep the wealth, while not screwing over his alignment.

If your characters don't have crafting, perhaps allow them to destroy the items under the supervision of a good cleric, in a hallowed location and reward them with magical essence worth half the value, that is simply a trade good (i.e. worth it's own value, not half)

I know the items. We ran into them and "sold" them to good-aligned churches for disposal. Those things are revolting. They're not "Evil" per se, but I suspect the process of making them is.

Our game also allows "re-purposing" of magic. Not using the 4e mechanic, but if you need a +1 scimitar for your cleric of Sarenrae and have a +1 longsword, you can "transfer" the enchantment, as long as it's the same. Takes exactly the same amount of time as crafting an item does and ends up being 0-sum (we have a PC crafter)

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It would be a house rule, but I have considered allowing crafters to siphon off the magic from one item as part of the creation of another item.

It's your call if you want it to be a 1 for 1 swap gp wise. I would personally allow, as an example a +1 Ogre Hook (I think that's the right item) to be able to be tapped of its magic to make a +1 longsword. That's a 1 for 1 swap GP wise. I'd let a +2 Ogre Hook be able to power up 4 +1 longswords, or a +1 flaming longsword, and leaves you with just a MW Ogre Hook.

Now, as someone put it, there MIGHT be some unsavory items with an evilish flavor that maybe this won't work with, or maybe you could allow the PCs a 2 for 1 exchange rate which uses the power of the Divine Caster item creator to purify the magical energies in the transfer.

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Assuming we are talking about book two, the best course of action is probably to have the mayor pay the party to dispose of them.

I had the mayor pay the party to have them destroyed by the local temple. It worked very well.

If it is future items (like in book 4 and 5) and you have members of a good church then use that temple to pay the adventurers to dispose of them.

Our Gm hosed us and made us deal with them like they were "treasure" and then played the look what happens when you play rough with your toys when we destroyed them. No XP or gold. That does beg the question of Module balance, those items were included as CR level treasure in the Runelords even though no sane PC or GM would let them roam freely, and would certainly question resaleability by my Paladin. I say broken, give me more lewts.

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My players destroyed several questionable items in the second module, and I don't think they're behind Wealth by level. There will be other Loot to be had. I would give them some roleplaying XP for deciding against being murder hobo's, and slip an extra wondrous item or two in the next loot pile.

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