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Liberty's Edge

Just picked this up from the clearance bin for $6.

It includes the original Doom games from the 90s.

I played through 'The Earth Base', which is level one of Doom 2...

Kills: 99%
Items: 97%
Secret: 100%

Time: ...par for time is 30 seconds.



It took me over an hour of running in circles looking for doors. I finally cheated and watched a play through on YouTube.

Meanwhile, I'm kicking serious ass in Doom 3. How can an ancient legacy game be so much more dificult.

Still, loads of fun.

Sovereign Court

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Because old games were supposed to be hard. That was their point. But, an influx of casuals and gamers who were not good at playing games had the end result of games becoming easier and,easier, so today you have COD as the prime example of void difficulty.

Liberty's Edge

So true!

I'm happy to report that I enjoyed myself immensely--and it was definitely disconcerting and challenging when no targeting hairs popped up--aim and shoot and miss a lot, until you get the hang of iron sighting.

Sovereign Court

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Yup. Try playing ninja gaiden. Or the first metal gear. I bought it too. I love unforgiving games

Shadow Lodge

There's a reason that the adjective "Nintendo hard" exists in gaming. And it's all gown to the NES, not subsequent systems. Today Dark Souls is held up as one of the hardest games in years. Throw it back to the 80s, and it'd be last in a sea of games that dwarf it in dificulty.

Sovereign Court

It would be hard-ish

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