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Just me being OCD with minutia, but...

When figuring out the Hardness and HP of items, what does a Lance qualify as?

Obviously Hardness is based on the material, but what about it's HP?

Table: Common Armor, Weapon, and Shield Hardness and Hit Points wrote:

Weapon or Shield_______________Hardness_____Hit Points
Light blade_____________________10___________2
One-handed blade_______________10___________5
Two-handed blade_______________10___________10
Light metal-hafted weapon________10___________10
One-handed metal-hafted weapon__10___________20
Light hafted weapon______________5____________2
One-handed hafted weapon________5____________5
Two-handed hafted weapon________5____________10

A lance doesn't really fit into any of these. It is a two handed weapon, it is generally solid throughout it's length, which is also generally thicker than the "haft" of hafted weapons, is itself not really a "hafted" weapon at all, yet isn't a blade either.

Or is it assumed to be basically a thicker spear with special properties and uses the "two-handed hafted weapon" hit point value regardless of the length of it being thicker than your regular spear?


Considering that there is a grand total of 3 values a weapon can have, 2, 5 or 10, you realize it is abstracted and simplified quite a lot. I would put it in the 2-handed hafted weapon group and call it a day. It is made of wood. 5 hardness. it is of the thicker variety, 10 hps.


I just edited the above to include the values. A one-handed metal hafted weapon has 20hp. So the thought popped into my head that it may be even more than that. Maybe?


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