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If your mounted while in combat, do the opponent creatures attack you or the mount or they choose or both?

Similarly if your on a mount and said mount is charging, if attacks of opportunity are provoked do they attack you or the mount or they choose or both if they have enough attacks of opportunity


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It is up to the GM and how your GM plays the intelligence of the NPC's as to whether they attack the mount or rider.

Attacks of Opportunity (AOO) are always and only against the creature that provokes the AOO.
If both the rider and mount move past several creatures provoking multiple AOOs then depending on whether any of creatures can make multiple AOOs in a single round, they would all get to make a single AOO (or more) against either the mount or rider.

I think Combat Reflexes is about the only thing that allows a creature to make multiple AOO in a single round.

Creature picks who they attack.

Good question... I would think that as the mount is using its movement it would the one that is provoking.

Thanks for the help thats what I figured but I wasnt sure just wanted 2nd opinion

Also Something needs to be said

If you have a wolf animal companion, you can mount it if your a small creature, or at lvl 7 when the wolf becomes large

the wolfs speed is 50 ft

with the run feat it can run at x5 its speed

rounds are 6 seconds long

that would be 41 and 1/3 feet per second
or approximately 170 miles per hour


(Same as a horse but a wolf just sounds terrifying)

Just make sure you are strapped in good and wearing goggles!! A bee to the eye at that speed could kill you.

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(41.3 feet per second x 3600 seconds per hour) divided by 5280 feet per mile

comes out to 28.16 miles per hour. Not quite as unrealistic as you think.

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250' in one round is nothing, my paladin cohort's megaloceros has that Racer archetype which allows a charge up to 10 times his speed which is 60'.

I need to get him some Horseshoes of Speed so he can do a 900' charge!:D

@Desolate well I was obviously using a faulty converter and now feel silly xD Oh well :P

Also what does this part of the mounted combat refer to?

If your mount charges, you also take the AC penalty associated with a charge.

Is this all it refers to? cause I cant find anythign else

After moving, you may make a single melee attack. You get a +2 bonus on the attack roll and take a –2 penalty to your AC until the start of your next turn.

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Ronin, there are a fairly good series of articles on mounted combat written by the WotC folks as part of the Rules of the Game articles. While written for 3.5, there is little difference in this area between the two editions. There is a link in my profile.

And while I'm asking mounted questions;

Can you make actions after your animal companion mount's turn? I know you can attack but can you choose to instead make a move action? or possibly both?

AH kk ill check it out

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