Cavalier Huntmaster: Are selected companions considered combat-trained?

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The Huntmaster archetype for Cavalier replaces the class's mount with a pack of animal companions. By default, the mount is considered 'combat-trained', and therefore gets light armor proficiency automatically.

To my question: Are a Huntmaster's pack also considered to be 'combat-trained' (including light armor proficiency) by default, or do you have to take proficiency on each animal you have as part of your pack?

FAQ clicks appreciated! :)

So any thoughts on this? Hero Lab transfers the armor proficiency, but I know it's not official and sometimes applies rules differently than intended by the Pathfinder team. I'm going to be playing a Huntmaster in a game starting next week, so would like to make sure that this is correct before doing so.

Hunting pack replaces Mount, so forget anything mount says.

Hunting pack does not say they are combat trained, nor does it say they get light armor prof. You get neither. Instead you get the 1/2 cav class level bonus to the hunting pack on survival checks to follow tracks.

I think this is pretty clear, no FAQ required.

Now that I look at it, at least in my specific case it's irrelevant. I'm wearing masterwork studded leather, so there's no armor check penalty to apply even if my dog is non-proficient.

My assumption was based on Hero Lab but reading over Tarantula's statement, I tend to agree. Would love an official answer if possible though, so I can point it out when I submit an HL bug ticket on it.

Without armor proficiency, the penalty would normally apply to attack rolls as well. However, as you noted the ACP for studded leather is 1 and is reduced to 0 by being a masterwork item.

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