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A HD Package of 'Tower of Doom' and 'Shadows over Mystara' sneak attacked me on Steam, yesterday...

Interesting. I'll be keeping an eye on this one!

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feytharn wrote:
A HD Package of 'Tower of Doom' and 'Shadows over Mystara' sneak attacked me on Steam, yesterday...


Yesyesyesyesyes! And remastered?! AND with a "houserules" system?


I will grab this during Steam Summer Sale.

Picked it up on PSN last night (will likely get it for XBLA today-I have friends who play exclusively on one system or the other, plus I have this vain hope that if it sells really well we might finally see a third game in the series.) Played through Tower of Doom and the first stage of Shadows over Mystara.

It amazes me how much better the second game is (even though I remember it as such) from a interface/gameplay standpoint (though the "spell freeze" is still just as annoying as I remember) but ToD is still fun.

Immediately spent some of my "XP" from finishing ToD on the "Unbreakable" house rule. Probably won't use it all the time, but the magic items being made from balsa wood always bugged me.

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I was playing it last night- Shadows Over Mystara- died 43 times, I think. Tonight, I'll play Tower of Doom and see if I can do better!

I want to say the credit counter hit 24 for me playing through ToD, though it could have been higher. Of course, I did decide to face the red dragon, which lead to a lot of those deaths. (It also doesn't help that I was playing the elf and the only spell she has access to that can affect the lich is Ice Storm, which can only be used via scrolls.)

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