LF Kingmaker Campaign [DM and players]


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I made a character for another kingmaker campaign, and I really feel like using her for that purpose. So I thought I'd post a thread to ask if anyone might want to DM and play such a campaign play-by-post on these boards?

Also really interested in the Kingmaker adventure path. I keep jumping at opportunities, but they appear to be well liked!

Posting interest in case someone's willing to run one!

I'm going to raise my hand as another interested players. Heads up: This would be my first play by post campaign, but I have a bunch of tabletop. pathfinder experience. I'll start sketching up a character concept.

Edit: I'm picturing a Half-Elf Noble Born (Orlovsky) Cleric of Desna

I'll throw my hat into the ring as well. :)

Ha, I'm always interested, hoping to play with my Lelouch Vi Orlovsky alias. Fingers crossed for a GM who likes things fast paced. :)

Cydrius here.

What point buy value and such did you guys use to build up your characters?

I'll use the same. I'm just itching to build this guy up.

The GM may want to change the specs. It will really be up to him or her.

True. Guess I'll just roll something up and adjust later.

I'd like to throw my hat into the player ring as well. I'm thinking of a Druid who can help guide the PCs into the Stolen Lands and gets caught up in all the action.

I'd consider running Kingmaker if I could actually find a group that stuck with a PbP and posted at least once each day. I've been lucky in some groups to find people who post frequently, but most of the PbP's I have experienced people post every 2-3 days and that is just too little for an AP that takes months to run in tabletop alone.

I post daily. My other posts are proof of such. My only downtime is usually Friday and Saturday when I see my gf, but like pbp's that move fast. Posting three times a day is fine by me.

I used 20pt buy. It seems most common and I always run campaigns on that. :-)

I can normally post daily except for Sundays.

I can post daily as well, and more than once a day quite often.

I think there are enough people to make this work, and probably a lot more who are interested as well. I'm going to start a thread later today advertising recruitment. I will cross post the thread link to this thread so you all can get a jump on it.

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Count me in also GM

For those still interested:

Kingmaker Recruitment

So. As there was no luck for me that time around, I decided to revive this. Third time's the charm and all that.

LF DM and players for a Kingmaker adventure path :)

Heh, yeah I'll play. :)

I'll be up to play. I'm thinking Half-Orc Bard/Arcane Blade.

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Dotting for interest as a player.

I'd be willing to play if we were able to find a DM!

Interested as a player.

So it seems nothing has really come of this.

But if someone were willing to GM, there are 6 players here ready.

I've GM'd before but never Gm'd a PbP, otherwise I would give it a go.

I am going to be running Carrion Crown as a PbP with my table group, so if I find that I'm successful with that (and we haven't found a GM in the meantime) I will come back and be willing to run this.

REALLY interested in Kingmaker.

Yep, I'm still interested. Always am, but it seems Lelouch has been my Marmite so far.

I love to play him, but I've had mixed feelings from other players, some even getting him kicked out of campaigns, so I haven't ever gotten far with him, but it's just the way he is.

If someone threatens him, he'll do as much as he can in a non-harmful way to get himself out of situations (even if targeting other PC's to run away with non damaging command spells is deemed as harmful by the rules). He's Noble and has all of the traits that come with it and is the one and only character I want for this campaign.

I've put a huge amount of work into him, but people are either against allowing him cast through his eyes...having his eyes as his divine symbol, or players seem to ruin it. So, I'm still here, wishing I could play with my Noble, Orlovsky Charm Cleric as always. :p

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