Congrats to Michael Costello on 5th Star!!!

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I had the honor and privilege to crown a new 5 star GM at Origins. Michael Costello earned his 5th star while GMing Sniper in the Deep during the last slot on Thursday. Those that have played at his tables know the effort he puts into his games making sure his players have fun. Join me in congratulating him on his 5th star! Congrats Michael!!!

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I've had the pleasure of playing at Michael's table at ConNooga two years ago. We played Citadel of Flame and he abused my LL Samurai. Later the same weekend, he tortured my dwarf in the Forbidden Furnace of the Forgotten Koor. He always pours heart and soul into GMing, brInging NPCs to life, creating fabulous 3d terrain, and always have the players leave the table laughing and with good memories. He is truly the representative of what a five star GM should be.

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Congrats Michael!

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Congrats!!!... wait they have crowns now?... ;)


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I only met him for one scenario at Gencon, but I could tell Michael is a stand-up guy and a great addition to the 5-star GM team. When Gencon was being tyrannous to my little brother during the game of Shades of Ice III that Michael was running for us (my brother had his badge stolen, and Gencon staff was bringing their usual "our customers are trying to pull a complicated scam on us" level of understanding to the table), Michael stood up to the Gencon guy and took some flak (they even demanded his name and wrote it down). Then he told my brother (and the rest of us) that we were welcome at his table any time we were in Indiana. That kind of courage and dedication, sticking up for his players (even ones he had just met) seems to me to be the hallmark of a 5-star GM.

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I have know Mike for a few years and his dedication to the community is second to none. Everyone knows his skill as a GM and his terrain is awesome! But, having had plenty of chances to pick his brain and hear his thoughts on many topics both gaming-general and PFS specific, there are few who's opinion I respect as much.

Congratulations Cactus-Jack!!!


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Congratulations Michael! It is well deserved, and it has always been a blast to sit at one of your ables. Well done indeed.

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Congrats, Mike, and welcome to the mountain! Phew, I'm no longer the new guy here.

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Congratulations Michael!

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Very well done! Congratulations!

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Congrats Sir Mike!! May the Crown never wear heavy :)

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Congrats man!

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Congratulations to Michael! He is an awesome dude whose dedication to PFS and Pathfinder in general is highly admirable. Our local gaming community is much better for his involvement, that's for sure.

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Congrats Michael! Thanks for all the hard work.

I've seen photos of the incredible 3D terrain you make. I'd love to see a post about the process.

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Congrats! :)

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Congratulations Michael.

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It's about time! Welcome to the Mountain, Cactus Jack. Please pardon our dust, we're in the middle of some renovations. Since no one here wants to give up the tennis courts and mini-golf, we are building upwards.

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Congrats Mike, it's very well deserved! I'll have to figure out a way to get to another table sometime soon.

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Hey Mr. Brock, what's the 5-Star GM census these days? There have to be 30 by now...

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Thank you all for the very kind words, it really means a lot to me.

I am blessed to me in a position to be able to put so much time into a game system that I am passionate about and to work with a company that obviously cares what their customers think.

Thank you to those that led by example during my path to a 5th Star: Bob Jonquet, Chris Bonnet, Doug Miles, Thea Peters, Todd Morgan, Mike Brock and others who escape me at this time.

About my 3D terrain for Bonekeep: the Silent Grave, I'll see what I can do to post additional pictures somewhere, maybe the game store I work with. I considered taking some how-to photos during construction, but I was under the gun to get it finished by Whose Yer Con. When I start on Bonekeep: level 2 I'll make a concerted effort to create a how-to process.


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Congrats Mike.

I rembering playing with mike during WYC 2011. It was a great game!.

The Lafeyette players and PFS players in Indiana as well as Paizo are very lucky to have him. Sages Shoppe is great place to game in NW Indiana.

He is a great GM, and using the coolest props I have scene.

He also shares his stuff with others, I had the great pleasure of using his Bonekeep at Origins, unfortunatley my players only got to see 4 rooms of it... It is great, I hope to construct something similar for a scenario in the future.

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Congrats, Mike - You've more than earned it.

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Congrats! It is very much appreciated the time and commitment you give to PFS.

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Congratulations, Mike!!

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grats man!

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