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(( opens a sleepy eye...)) Is it time yet?

Shhh... so close!

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Pretty disappointed. I did get one lottery event, but it my lowest rated one and the one I wouldn't been that upset about if I didn't get in.

I could understand not getting into one of the developer run games, but I was really hoping to at least get into the seminar on how to paint BONES minis with SKR.

This will probably be my only PaizoCon due to the distance and money, I just wanted to say I have gone once, so was hoping to get into one of my high rated events.

Oh well.

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As I said in another thread

sara marie wrote:
Not everyone will "win" the lottery and be placed in Lottery Events. The purpose of the lottery is to make the process of signing up for these games as fair as we can. There are far more attendees than there are seats in lottery events. Depending on when your name comes up in the lottery and your preferences, you may not get into any lottery events. If this happens, keep in mind that there are still lots of open event games, seminars, and pick up games run on the fly.

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Just to be clear, I was not disappointed in Paizo in any form. I understood how the Lottery worked (after reading up on it) and the events were well sought after.

But it doesn't change that I'm still disappointed. Mainly due to the fact it's something I probably won't have the opportunity to do again.

But thank you for the response. :)

Check for trades Hobbun - might be your Rank 1 event is someone else's Rank 3 or 4.

SKR's painting classes are very popular FYI - got that myself in 2009!

I got SKR's Rules Experimentation this year... My wife is jealous

Clonefinger and the Joust. Happiness abounds. Between those and running Knot of Thorns, I've got plenty of scheduled gaming balanced with plenty of time to meet and mingle.

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I scored The Throne of Azlant with Erik Mona. My first really big lottery win, actually. :)

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