Fire Theologian Metemagic Feat Choice


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So I have a 2nd level Theologian with the Fire Domain in PFS who will soon be 3rd. She is a cleric of Sarenrae who clenses evil with holy fire. While i have put some focus on making her a blaster, the idea was to create a character who could effectivly heal, buff or blast depending on the needs of the situation.

The Fire Domain spells are all good except for second level, where she gets Produce Flame which is only marginally better than her Fire Bolt domain power. I want to instead use this slot to prepare a metamagiced Burning Hands. At 5th my Burning Hands will always be Intensified for free, making them more useful at higher levels, but I want a +1 level Metamagic feat that would be useful to other spells, as well. My initial instinct was to take Elemental Spell so that I can do non-fire damage if the targets are immune/resistant but it goes against the theme and I already planned on falling back on buffs and heals the few times that might matter.

So what +1 level Metamagic feat would you recommend and why?

Scarab Sages

Since you'll be using this primarily with burning hands, I'd recommend either Flaring Spell or Lingering Spell. They will both let you do a little bit of battlefield control in addition to blasting.

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