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I was thinking of making a sort of traveling Monk who came to the Inn more-or-less by mistake and became so enthralled by it's food and patronage that he just sort of stayed. He wholly believes he hasn't been there more than a few days but in reality it's been a little over a few years. Thoughts anyone?

I'm still working on it, but my basic concept is a halfling inquisitor of Pharasma who died bravely in her service. She rewarded him by resurrecting him in a new more capable version of his old body so he can keep fighting the good fight.


Humanoid(Halfling) 0 RP
Small 0 RP
Ability Score Modifiers
Flexible(+2 Dexterity, +2 Charisma) 2 RP
Standard 0 RP
Racial Traits
Defense Racial Traits
Defensive Training, Greater 4 RP
Lucky, Greater 4 RP
Sense Racial Traits
Darkvision 60 Feet 2 RP
Skill Racial Traits
Skill Bonus(Perception) 2 RP

So nothing too fancy, about 14 RP which is I think is reasonable. I may add a few more skill bonuses if everyone opts for the full 20 RP race.

I've got a character in the works, should be finished soon

Liberty's Edge

I seem to have been drawn in by the idea of a kitsune sorceress with grand ambition. She has a legend to live up to, and she intends to fill the role.

10 MINUTE BACKGROUND (yeah, right.):


1: Kaoriko is ambitious, and seeks to challenge herself by aspiring to leadership and power in all its forms. She eagerly uses deception and manipulation to acheive her goals, and uses her magic to further her ambitions, foremost among them being to find or create a true nation for her race.

2: Kaoriko grew a second tail in her youth, and the magical powers that stem from it are growing. She began to see sorcerous power early in life, and when her third and fourth tail began to emerge, her abilities swelled. They inspire her to greater heights, and she hungrily awaits the emergence of more. She is now proud of her five tails, and imagines what impression she will give off if all nine were to emerge. Legends abound handed down of the nine-tailed fox among her people, and she eagerly seeks ways to realize that legend.

3: She spends most of her time in human form when trying to blend into society, but is not afraid to show her true nature when a display of might, magic, or majesty is necessary, and prefers her hybrid form when she knows there is nothing at risk.

4: Despite her ambitions of rulership, she is actually quite comfortable in the wilds, among the trees and rivers, and alongside simple animals. She likes open skies and skylights in buildings.

5: She left her parents and her home because of a disagreement with her family about their future. They were satisfied with hiding among humanoids, avoiding trouble and making friends; she was not content to hide all her life. Her people have been persecuted by humanoids in general because of their nature, and the common myth holds that they were driven out of greater society as a result of the actions of the nine-tailed Kitsune. She senses that she could very well be the next nine-tails.

6: Kaoriko emobodies many of the legends and beliefs that stereotype her race, though she carries many oddities of her own. Her fur in her natural form is a silvery sheen, rare to her family branch; strangely enough, each tail after her first has taken on a different hue. Orange, black, white, and brown tails have sprouted from her back, giving her a colorful countenance when not hidden. she prefers robes that can keep her tails hidden or loose them easily, so she has finer control over the events of her changes.


1: She vows to turn the nine-tails myth of her people on itself by becoming the legend and bringing her people back into the world at large with her power.

2: She would relish the chance to collect the lost history of her scattered race and understand where her powers and seemingly destined life originated.

3: Kaoriko wants to create a world, or perhaps even a plane of existence, where her kind are the predominant species and other races are the minority, so that she may freely and proudly walk the world in her natural form.

4: Kaoriko does not care whether she marries in the future, but as a stab at fate and irony, she would prefer to bear children with humans in order to spread her bloodline beyond her clan, as a deeper way of cementing her peoples' place in the world.


1: Kaoriko witnessed her mother having two tails, only briefly, before she cut off the second and sought magic to heal the scars. Her mother never caught her witnessing this, and she never spoke of it, sensing that the secrecy was important enough to keep. She had not seen other Kitsune families with multiple tails before herself, and could not fathom why her mother would reject her own tail and the powers it brought. Her discreet curiosity led her to the legends of her people, and her suspicions.

2: Kaoriko does not know she is descended from the last nine-tails of many generations ago; Her ancestor had similar goals as she, but met with disaster after his aims turned villanous and his people turned on him. He was able to sire children that were then secretly protected and managed to continue his lineage; none have manifested all nine tails in centuries, but his descendants keep his legacy secret and his aims alive; they are waiting for the time to re-emerge and realize their forefather's dream.


1: Yuriko is Kaoriko's mother, but although they were always close, Kaoriko's ambition has driven them apart. Yuriko knows of her ancestor's secret legacy, and strives to keep Kaoriko from it without her knowledge, even to this day. She knows that greatness follows her daughter, but secretly fears that history will repeat itself and condemn her to destruction.

2: Lucretzia is a succubus masquerading as a human whose predations, by chance, settled on Kaoriko. As fate would have it, Lucretzia was posing as a woman in a position of power, and Kaoriko, still somewhat inexperienced but ambitious, had also targeted her, hoping to ingratiate herself, infatuate the lady, and win her way into a position of influence. What resulted was a misadventure of mixed messages, miscommunication, and unspoken trists that ended with both women's disguises falling away in the most climactic moment. Where some might expect bloodshed, the two both fell into fits of laughter and, in spite of all things, became friends.

3: There is an unnamed ranger who hunts Kaoriko. Whether she wronged him, or he simply thinks her too unnatural to allow to live, she is unsure, but he has repeatedly tried to kill her without mercy. She has been fortunate so far, but his persistence has astounded her on more than one occasion. If she doesn't discover his motives and halt his predations, her luck may eventually run out.


1: Kaoriko loves wind instruments of all kinds, and traces her love of such music back to her mother's flute lullabies. (I seriously had trouble deciding whether to multiclass as a lotus Geisha bard. Wanted more spells, though.)

2: When relaxed, Kaoriko's tails seem to wag and flit about gently, sometimes like leaves in the breeze. When she is in motion, or attempting to conceal them, she can press them together to appear more like a single, thicker tail, multicolored fur notwithstanding.

3: Kaoriko is enamored of exotic cuisine, and is an avid connisseur of the culinary arts of all cultures; even, to an extent, the less savory ones.

Here's the tin can...

Kyras Danthar:

Name: Kyras Danthar
Race: human
Classes: Paladin 7
Alignment: LG
Deity: iomedae
Age: 25

HP: 59/59=(10+6+3+3+7+6+6) (dice)+7 (favored class) +4 (CON)+toughness (7)

Stats: 16 16 13 15 10 8
CON: 18 (+4)=base (16)+racial mod (2)
STR: 13 (+1)=base (13)
DEX: 8 (-1)=base (13)
WIS: 10 (0)=base (10)
INT: 15 (+2)=base (15)
CHA: 16 (+3)=base (15)+4th level bonus (1)

Languages: common, eleven, celestial

Speed: 20 ft.

Detect evil at will, smite evil (3/day), divine grace (+cha on saving throws), lay on hands (heal for (level/2)d6), aura of courage (fear immunity, +4 fear bonus to allies), divine health (disease immunity), mercy, divine bond (wolf), channel positive energy

Mercies: fatigued, staggered

Feats: toughness, shield focus, selective channeling, mounted combat, weapon focus (longsword)

Skills: Ride 7, Diplomacy 7, religion 7, handle animal 7

Attack: longsword: +9=1 (feat)+7 (BAB)+1 (STR)+ 1 (adamantine) Vs. AC,1d8+1 dmg 19-20 crit. Smite evil: +9=1 (feat)+7 (BAB)+1 (STR)+ 1 (adamantine)+3 (cha) Vs. AC,1d8+4 dmg 19-20 crit

Defense: AC: 27=10+12 (+3 full plate)+5 (+3 heavy shield)

Gear: 96.8 gp, +3 heavy steel shield, +3 full plate, +1 adamantine longsword, everburning torch,100 ft. silk rope, backpack, tent, bedroll, waterskin, fishhook, 20 days rations, silver holy symbol

(backstory on the way)

And here's the wolf!


Name: Avenger
Race: Dire Wolf
Sodium (that's a chemistry joke)
Alignment: NN

HP: 35/35=(8+8+3+4+5+1)=29(base)+6 (con)

Speed: 55 ft.

STR: 21 (+7)
DEX: 13 (+1)
CON: 19 (+6)
INT: 6 (-2)
WIS: 13 (+1)
CHA: 6 (-2)

Feats: armor prof. light, Armour prof. medium, fleet

Skills: sense motive 6

Attack: bite +11=7 (str)+ 4 (BAB) Vs AC, 1d8 dmg, trip

Defense: AC: 18=10+6(barding)+2 (natural armor) Fort: +5 Ref: +5 Will: +2

Gear: breastplate barding

This intrigues me. If there's still some room left; How would you feel about some folks originally from Ravenloft? A couple friends of mine and I drew up a trio of characters for a homebrew Planescape sort of setting, wherein they got pulled out of Ravenloft by sheer luck, and have been soldiers/adventurers ever since. Allich here is even level seven, by a strange coincidence, although originally built to 30 point buy, so that would have to be toned down.

Obviously, for purposes of this game, I wouldn't have the other two along, unless I can convince them to throw in their hats as well. If they're not around, I'd probably have to modify my suite of teamwork feats a bit, since they're (obviously) lame without the others around. Anyway, the full background is kinda long, but it's in the profile if you'd care to read it - I think it's kinda neat, myself. Modify any references to Arch (our homebrew setting) to refer to the Inn instead, and we're good to go, I think.

Here's a nutshell version of the BG:

Growing up in the harsh and terrifying demiplane of Ravenloft breaks many, but not all. Some grow to become true heroes, hardened by their experiences. Such is the story of Allich, Herac, and Orphax.

Conscripted at a young age into the army of the death knight Lord Soth, they grew weary of the death and fear they were forced to spread in his name and deserted. Hunted across the land, they eventually found themselves cornered, unable to run any further. Just as they were preparing for their last stand, they found themselves unexpectedly rescued by the most outlandish people they had ever seen, who offered them the most unusual offer they would ever receive - to forever leave behind the world of their birth and join a company of mercenaries that spanned the multiverse itself. When your world of Ravenloft, that is hardly a choice at all.

Today, they have worked together as a platoon for many years, establishing a well-earned reputation as the hardiest shield wall this side of Mechanus. As with so many wayward travelers, the World Serpent Inn finds them there more often than not between jobs - because when you've made enemies across the worlds, there are precious few places you can put your feet up.

I'm considering an Android Gunslinger or Fighter for when I get the chance to sit down and look at books.

I am going for the man in black look for my gunslinger. Here is a picture of how I envision him looking. I still haven't chosen the race. It's a toss up between human or half-elf.

Also, here is what music I think of as I build the gunslinger. Youtube Video.

The background is in progress. I should be done tonight. Alias will be posted soon.

Two traits for each character. You can get two more if you take the Additional Traits feat.

I've got Kyras' backstory written up:


Argos Torbane was a member of a secret cult, seeking to free Rovagug from his prison, or at the very least one of his spawn. the cult's arcanists and clerics had devised a way to damage the Rovagug's seal, unleashing one of his spawn upon the world. as with many cliche dark rituals, this ceremony required and infant.
the cultists kidnapped a half-elf woman, the beautiful Faunra Danthar, and drew a lottery to choose the lucky bastard to 'impregnate' her. Argos lucked out, becoming the father of the cultist's sacrifice about 6 months later.
as the cultists gathered in the basement of some abandoned home, every one them them was exited to see one of their god's spawn. all except one, who was excited for an entirely different reason. the half-orc Varisa Sharof was no cultist, but an inquisitor of Iomedae. she had been tracking the cult for years, and she couldn't wait to finally finish them off
it was so that just as the cultists started their profane ritual that a group of paladins crashed the party, swiftly defeating the cultists. sadly, Faunra was already dying from the cultists treatment of her. not having the heart to leave the baby behind, the paladins took him to their cathedral-fortress to train him. they named him Kyras Danthar.
as he grew older, Kyras took to being a paladin like a duck takes to water. he also showed signs of his half-elven heritage, being slight more slender than average, having slightly pointed ears (and, of course, good looks). his friends started calling him a 'quarter-elf'. as he approached his twenties, he completed his training and became a full-fledged paladin.
he spent much of his time on the battlefield, fighting against those how sought to oppose justice. he won battle after battle, eventually gaining access to the cathedral's hallowed stables. it was then he met the dire wolf he came to call 'Avenger'. to two bonded incredibly through the rest of Kyras' career as he rode avenger on to countless victories. several of the cathedral's clerics said that Iomedae made the wolf to be Kyras' mount.
The constant good fortune was not to last. all of a sudden, a legion of Rovagug's cultists charged at the cathedral, aided by hundreds of demonic fiends. the battle was long and bloody, as the heroic paladins claimed countless scores of enemy lives, but they were finally overrun. Kyras was with the last stand, desperately fighting so the innocent acolytes and clerics could escape, and then he was forced to retreat himself.
Kyras and avenger spent the next year as a wanderer, journeying across the land, smiting evil and aiding innocents wherever he could. Yet he grew weary of his constant traveling, and while he and avenger were great friends, he greatly desired more companions (preferably ones that could speak common...). each morning as he rose to continue his journey, he prays to Iomedae for the same thing: to end this constant wondering, to be given the chance to once again test the blades of him and his comrades against the foe.
one day while wandering through the woods, he encountered a building with a sign reading 'the world serpent inn'. intriuged, he entered inside. he soon realized the it connected multiple planes, and somehow was at many places at once. he could go almost anywhere from here, fight foes from any plane. the were people from all dimensions, too, more than one of which looked definitely combat-hardened. maybe, just maybe, his prayers have been answered....

as for his traits, I'll take charming and divine warrior

I now present Drake Morrell, a half-elf gunslinger (musket master). Gear has not been fully chosen yet. That will come if chosen for the game.

I had a lot of fun making the background for him.

Grand Moff Vixen wrote:

I now present Drake Morrell, a half-elf gunslinger (musket master). Gear has not been fully chosen yet. That will come if chosen for the game.

I had a lot of fun making the background for him.

I was having fun with it so I went and chose his gear. He is all set, barring any little last minute changes.

Dark Archive

I thought we were still discussing. Character creation has begun, I'm on it.
Starting lvl ?, with Pathfinder.

Level 7.

I believe our DM has given a sort of always open policy. Those who are not active and adventuring can hang out in the Inn itself, interacting with other PCs, NPCs, etc.

Liberty's Edge

In other words, not everyone's IN, but everyone's INN.

Oh god what have I done...

Daynen wrote:

In other words, not everyone's IN, but everyone's INN.

Oh god what have I done...

Nothing. Nothing at all........*evil grin*

Liberty's Edge

Vixen you stalker! I know you've been following me! Get your own campaigns! PFFFFFT!!

Daynen wrote:
Vixen you stalker! I know you've been following me! Get your own campaigns! PFFFFFT!!



This is a generic post being sent to everyone that I am currently playing with

Hey everyone. This is Beast/Gobo Horde here. Due to the flooding happening here in Calgary and me supposedly going on vacation (which may or may not happen :P) my posting for this next week might be sporadic and lighter than normal. Sorry for it, but such is life :) If you need to, feel free to take control of me and I will pop in when I can.
Thanks ^-^

So Beast is done! He is all ready to go, I dropped his rp down to 20, if you would be willing to look over it I would be grateful. He is an Armiger, so if thats allowed, he should be good. All I have left to do for him is roll hps and spend 13000 gold.
hps: 7d12 ⇒ (6, 11, 4, 12, 5, 2, 4) = 44
All below 6 becomes 6 So I gain 9, add in 56 and he has 109 hps :)

Got my ranger done! I'm also working on a Summoner, so if we need a bit of arcane support I could go with him instead. I'm sure it won't be necessary, though.

Need a party face? (Raises hand.) Need a little disruption and crowd control? (Waves.) Need someone who'll turn luck and destiny towards our goals and maybe build us a kingdom while getting us into all sorts of trouble?

Here I am.

And before you even look at my spell list, no jokes about combustible vulpines, please...That's MY line.


Let me know if anything specific needs to be corrected or tweaked to mesh with other candidates or the campaign better. I had a lot of fun making this character, and I WANT to be in this campaign.

PMed with interest

So when are we starting?

Well, GM hasn't even decided on a roster, let alone a starting point, beyond the inn itself. Patience, tin can-san.

This thing still planning to get up and go somewhere? Just curious if I should continue to pay attention or no.

Ya I am still here as well, mostly lurking...
How is this coming along?

GM might be running into RL issues, as so many often do. I'm in no hurry, though. I tend to pay attention to campaigns that interest me for quite some time.

Come on now...don't tell me this idea fell flat. This is one of the best campaign ideas ever and the perfect chance for this character to step up. Where is everybody?!

Oh I am still here. Just waiting for the GM to return.

Need more kitsune avatars...

I'm still present as well. Unfortunately, it seems the GM has taken their leave of the forums for about two weeks now. Hope everything's all right where they are.

Come on, Bell. People want to play this!

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