Shield + Unarmed Strike, TWF, Style feats?

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Would using a shield in any way interfere with:

Using a Style feat?

Using unnarmed strikes with TWF (not attacking with the shield)?


It would for a non-monk, but a monk can use non-fist strikes for attacking unarmed. However, in one of the other books (ultimate combat I think) unarmed is listed as also a kick, so a player may be able to use an unarmed attack TWF if one hand has a shield using that interpretation.

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Anyone, with a physical body, can make an unarmed strike, and not use their fist.

This "fist only" thing comes from, well, nowhere, and does not exist.

Shields, and Armor, have no effect on unarmed strikes, or two weapon fighting.

You can wear Full Plate, and have a Tower Shield, and still be able to use unarmed strikes, two weapon fighting, and Style feats.

Some style feats may have specific restrictions listed within the feat description.

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