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And with that, the module is more or less over! Just the loose ends to clear up now.

On the business side of things, please roll your day job checks for me. I will expedite doing your Chronicles for those who are in Game Day games. :)

On the personal side of things... this is the end of First Steps! Congratulations, you'll be level two! I hope you've enjoyed the games. I've certainly enjoyed running for this group and I would have you all back in my games in a heartbeat.

Thank you also for all sticking around this long - I had a number of drop-outs in the other group (some because of RL, some just disappeared) but you guys stuck it through to the end.

For those of you new to Pathfinder Society, I hope you've taken a liking to it and I'll see you around the boards sometime!

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GM Alice,
Thanks for running these games, I've really enjoyed your style and personality as a DM. This was a great intro to PFS. Sorry for making you roll Khale's last attack. :)

Everybody else, this was one of the best PbP groups I've ever played with - thanks, it was a blast!

Bendy, you get the "best-played gnome" award. If/when I ever create a gnome character, I'm going to reference these game threads for how to play.

Good luck to everyone, see you around the boards.

tpb Khale

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Thank you for running this! It was a lot of fun and I thoroughly enjoyed everyone's contributions.

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I thoroughly enjoyed this group! Alice, if you ever need a player, PM me! I'd love to play in your games again! I have a chronicle from RoW I have been waiting to apply to Arithas so now he will be level 3! Woot!

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Thanks for running this, Alice! I enjoyed it!

And on that note, a proposal: I would love to play with this group again. It's a very solid party (both PC's and players). So perhaps you might consider arranging that in the future, Alice?

That's an excellent idea!

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Wow, Alice, thanks so much! This has been a great introduction to PFS for me. Just incredible.

Thanks to all the players too. Tarondor, mousestalker, Krash, Haldhin, and Fredrik, it wouldn't have been as fun without such a good bunch. Good characters and characterizations.

Just a question? What was with that last encounter? OK, they'd been watching us, but what were they after? They picked us up before we went to the warehouse, so we hadn't broken any laws yet. Were they Aspis?

Hahah, maybe, Li. I need to recover from running two groups of First Steps for such a long time and my upcoming Blakros Matrimony game first. ;) Still, summer's coming up soon for me; who knows?


Actually... they're just simple thieves trying to make their mark on you. They're supposed to be a "new" group run by a cleric of Norgorber (the red-haired woman) looking for an easy first job to start off their gig.

Part of the problem was that I totally forgot about getting you to roll the Perception/Sense Motive checks until really late. You're supposed to get a chance at rolling throughout the adventure but it slipped my mind completely so it wound up looking like it was related to the Sczarni stuff... which, uh, I suppose increased the paranoia, but yeah, haha.

Everyone should have their Chronicles now. Just in time. :)

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Thank you Alice! Thank you everyone! I had a lot of fun.

Thank you especially Khale, for the "best-played gnome" award. I spent considerable time studying Gnomes of Golarion and figuring out Bendy's personality, so I'm glad that it paid off.

I really underestimated the RP flexibility of gnomes for a long time. Their earnest, mischievous, and essentially alien nature can just as easily be played for comedy ("fish out of water" or "practical joker") or drama ("creative problem-solver" or "sinister plotter").

If you're in a hurry, just think of someone you know with ADD. Whether you realize it or not, you've probably already observed how a fundamental drive for stimulation can present in many very different ways, depending on the situation.

I would absolutely be open to getting the old group back together, after Bendy finishes assaulting the kingdom of the impossible for the PbP "gameday".

Chronicle received.

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Would you say that book is worth picking up, then? And I must say, you roleplaye Bendy very VERy well.

If you play a Gnome, definitely have a look at Gnomes of Golarion. It's quirky and weird but very good at learning the mindset of a gnome character.

@Arithas: Yes, and thank you! Now some of this might seem off-topic, but I also have a halfling in a PbP of the Serpent's Skull AP, so I thought a lot about what was similar and different between gnomes and halflings when I made Bendy.

I think that Gnomes of Golarion and Halflings of Golarion are both essential references for playing something more than a cookie-cutter ankle-biter, and I've re-read them both many times. The two races have an odd thing in common, which is a lack of a historical homeland. For gnomes, it's because they're refugees from a timeless dimension; for halflings, it's because they're a symbiotic race that developed and spread with humans, without records of their own accomplishments.

As I've said, I think that a shortcut to gnome psychology is ADD -- the real thing, not the cheap stereotypes -- because they share a biological need for stimulation. I can't explain it, but I think that a similar shortcut to halfling psychology is through the INFP Myers-Briggs personality type. I feel like if you can understand "them" (by which I mean "us"), then you can understand the apparent contradictions of halflings: industrious without ambition; comfort-seeking without reputation-seeking; enduring atrocities without complaint, and risking everything for a moral stand.

Here's a funny thing: gnomes might appear to adventure randomly, but it can actually be true of halflings. A gnome might not have a specific goal, but he always has an intrinsic motivation to keep the Bleaching at bay. A halfling might literally go and save a village for the heck of it, on the spur of the moment, just because he had a feeling like he should set off in that direction and then one thing led to another.

Thank you for letting me share these thoughts that have been bouncing around in my head for awhile now. :)

Ya wouldn't happen to be a psychology student, would ya, Fredrik?

No, it's only a hobby. These days, I mostly just use it to write short-form heroic fantasy, aka DnD-esque PbP. ;)

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Well, it's working. You do bring an extraordinary depth of RP to the character.

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Agreed. And from what little I know about Gnomes and halflings of Golarion, I think you got it spot on. Gnomes are from the First World, are they not?

Originally, although that was a long time ago now. They still have distant connections to the First World though.

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