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It's fun although the missions are a bit confusing and most require some amounts of google-fu.

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I did, for a short while (until I hit the level cap, and then I only started season 3). I didn't find the whole thing confusing. Almost all the main storyline missions require violence to solve, which is fine if you play a Klingon, but not when you're Starfleet. And while there is an exploration element, it becomes boring after a while, because you always get the same 5 or 6 random missions.

Sovereign Court

True, they could have included some diplomacy. But, considering that federation is at war with the klingons and that klingons have gorn in their ranks...

I play STO. I am just leveling my liberated Borg romulan scientist and a
New Klingon to try out the new storylines.

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I've started with a human. I'm kinda startong to like that there is almost no hand-holding for missions. And spaceship combat is glorious.

Just wait till you fight the borg when they aren't wearing kid gloves. Viscous things the Borg are when you do an elite STF.

They sure let you get away with all kinds of interesting tactics... I just recently destroyed a borg cube from the daily mission by ramming my dying romulan ship into it and letting the singularity core implosion take the cube out for me. OK the cube was heavily damaged anyway, but it was fun to do.

I had maxed out my Federation character last year and stopped for a while.

The only time I have to look up anything on Google is when I cheat on the Starfleet Academy exams. Other than that, everything seems self-explanatory to me.

I recently started playing again with the new Romulan content. They have made a lot of good UI and graphics improvements. I really enjoy the Romulan storyline and missions too.

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I tried it for a brief time. I'm an alt-o-holic, so I made multiple ships along themes. One ship was the Debauch, captained and crewed by hawt Deltans (I mostly used humans and betazoids, modifying them to be bald), another the Redemption, crewed by liberated Borg and their 'watchers' (assigned to deal with them if they showed signs of backsliding) and the last a ship crewed with the alien-est looking folk I could make.

Ultimately, that proved my undoing, since the game really seemed to want me to stick to one ship and crew, and made playing one of my 'alt' ships kind of excruciating.

Ship combat seemed a bit too easy. I'm stone cold terrible at shooters or other flight sim / ship combat games, but I could just basically sit and shoot and spin to change shield facings and pick enemies off. There was really no reason to fly around or use tactics. My roommate, who is amazingly good at these kind of games just shook his head at the notion that *I* (who regularly have to ask him to do mounted combat mission for me in WoW or ship missions in Star Wars: the Old Republic) could just sort of sit and spin and mindlessly chew through the various ship combat missions.

After a month or so, I realized that I'd rather come up with interesting ships and crews, and write stories about them, than play the game. So I ditched it. Not for me, I guess.

Hama wrote:
True, they could have included some diplomacy. But, considering that federation is at war with the klingons and that klingons have gorn in their ranks...

Yeah, but the Federation is at war with almost every other major race in the known universe, as well. It should have collapsed a long time ago.

The writer have screwed up Star Trek even worse than Braman did. And they did a pretty thorough job.

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Well, AFAIK in the game, Klingons are at war with the Romulans and the Federation, Romulans are at war with the Klingons and the Federation and Borg are at war with everyone. Fun times.

Don't forget the Breen, the True Way (Cardassians/Dominion) and the Undine.

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Of course. One giant cluster****.
Just got my second ship. Modified it to look a hell lot like a love child between Enterprise C and Enterprise D, got the fancy TNG bridge interior.
Btw, how do you access the bridge?

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little down arrow/traingle in the bottom right of your minimap brings up a drop down menu access the ship interior is in that list.

When they revamped the borg missions into a horrible grind with an even worse drop rate my love for the game died. Completely.

Then i tried and got hooked on CoH. . . . :(

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