Victorian Vigilante?


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I'm wanting to design a character who uses a sword cane as his primary weapon. Something.. scoundrel like in his design, and for a city sort of campaign.

Currently I'm thinking of either doing A rogue-swashbuckler or a cad fighter.

The biggest problem I have with Pathfinder is smart fighter types need so many feats @.@

One of my big inspirations is guy who fights without honor in game of thrones. (but his dead opponent did.)

Dex-based Lore Warden might be good, especially if you go into the Duelist PRC from it.
What level are you starting him at?

While a fighter does sound like the Game of Thrones fellow, how about a Magus? They wield single weapons and a sword-cane qualifies.

Bron is moderately cool, but it's his personality, not his fighting style. In fact, I don't think Pathfinder can really simulate the "I fight dirty but win against honorable opponents" style; by Pathfinder standards, Bron wins because he's higher level.

Maybe Cad is close, as you've mentioned. By the time you're 6th level with Improved, Greater, and Quick Dirty Trick at +3 CMB which only requires one of your iterative attacks to hinder a foe for several rounds, you just might be able to pull off a "dirty rather than decent" fighting style. Until then, you may find the concept a bit frustrating.

Bard/ cad heavy on the cad, gives you a bunch of interesting options and defenses, not to mention skill bumps.

Also consider a well placed imp feint + SA + vital strike. That's a retry dirty trick. As are trips and disarms. Lore warden 4/ rogue X gets you this pretty well

Urban Ranger! I cannot recommend them enough. God, I had so much fun with mine.

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We are starting at level 1.

Alright, I'll look into Lore warden/urban Ranger. Hopefully they are in the hard back books.

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Hobgoblin Shogun wrote:
Urban Ranger! I cannot recommend them enough. God, I had so much fun with mine.

I'm loving mine in PFS, that's for sure!

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Bron is definitely a Cad...and a LOT smarter and better than he's given credit for. He plays that his opponents are never prepared.

It's Cad you want, but it's Int and levels that you need.

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Here is what I got for level 1.

At level 2 i plan on getting imp dirty trick. I wish there was a way to draw hidden weapons faster, but I will be getting Quick Draw/Imp initiative.

I think Slight of Hand and Stealth will be my other two skill focuses, or maybe should do Sense motive/Perception.

Our stat limit is a 25 point buy.

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Bron 20th level

This is what I'm currently planning for when I hit level 20. Sadly though the hero maker doesn't really allow for Fast Learner to be used.. or I have not yet learned how to use it. So there would be 20 more skill points.

Edits - Dropping Pen strike for Power attack and imp steal for imp sunder

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