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So, I've had a player who wants to play a synthesist, but as published there is no way I was going to allow it. As he was more interested in the evolutions than the spell-casting, I've come up with the following class. Any comments would be appreciated.

Evolved Warrior

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Ok, tried changing options, so hopefully can be downloaded now. New to Google Drive, so not sure if there is a better way to link it. Just in case, here's the text of it, but the formatting won't be as pretty.

Evolved Warrior
Fusing the martial proficiency of fighters with the might of an eidolon, the evolved warrior becomes a true monster on the battlefield. Eschewing armor and weapons for scales and claws, they can be a terror to behold, and often mistaken for some new breed of foul creature.

Role: Most evolved warriors are at home on the front line of any combat, but a few may evolve into untouchable ranged fighters, or even command a variety of spell-like abilities.
Alignment: Any
Hit Dice: 1d10
Class Skills
The evolved warriors class skills are Climb (Str), Craft (Int), Handle Animal (Cha), Intimidate (Cha), Knowledge (Arcana), Knowledge (Nature), Perception (Wis), Profession (Wis), Survival (Wis), and Swim (Str).
Skill Ranks: 2 + Int. Modifier
Base Attack Bonus = Full
Fort Save = Good
Ref Save = Poor
Will Save = Poor

Class Features
Weapon and Armor proficiency: An evolved warrior is proficient with all simple weapons, and any natural weapons he posses, light armor, and shields (except tower shields).

Iron Skin (Ex): The evolved warriors skin is especially resistant to damage, granting him +1 bonus to natural armor at 1st level. At 4th level and every 4 levels thereafter this bonus improves by +1. This ability does not function if the evolved warrior wears medium or heavy armor.

Evolved Aspect (Su): At 1st level, as a full round action an evolved warrior may manifest all his evolutions, or suppress them all. He cannot choose some to show and some to hide, either all are available, or none are. This ability lasts until a full round action is taken to switch aspects. It is normally used to hide his somewhat monstrous natural in settings where it would pose a problem. At level 5 this ability can be used as a standard action, as a move action at level 10, and as a swift action at level 15.

Evolution Points (Su): An evolved warrior has a pool of evolution points equal to his level. He may spend these points to enhance his form as if he were an eidolon, with a summoner level equal to his evolved warrior level. He gains none of the of the armor or ability score bonus a eidolon usually acquires,but may not take more natural attacks than allowed to an eidolon of his level.

A humanoid evolved warrior is considered to have purchased the limbs (arms), and limbs (legs) evolutions once each at no cost. Other types of evolved warriors starting evolutions should be adjudicated by the GM, but should not exceed 4 evolution points.

The evolved warrior must choose how his evolution points are spent when he levels up, and the choice is set until he gains another level. However he may benefit from a Transmogrify spell as if he were a summoners eidolon, except the evolved warrior chooses where the evolution points are reallocated to.

In addition to the normal evolutions an evolved warriors may purchase the following evolution:
One Point Evolution:
Darkvision (Ex): The evolved warrior gains Darkvision 60 ft. The range of darkvision can be extended by spending additional evolution points, gaining +60 ft. for each additional point spent. If 4 points are spent on this evolution the evolved warrior also gains the See in Darkness (Su) ability.

Bravery: This ability functions identically to the fighter ability of the same name.

Regrowth (Su): Starting at 3rd level, once per day as a standard action the evolved warrior may force his body to close it's own wounds as a move action. This functions as the listed spell (Cure light at 3, mod at 7, serious at 11, critcal 15, heal 19), cast at a level equal to the evolved warriors class level, and can only be used on the evolved warrior. If the evolved warrior drops to negative hit points and has not used this ability yet today it activates as a free action on his next turn. As a supernatural ability this does not provoke an attack of opportunity.

Evolution Surge (Sp): One per day the evolved warrior may use the listed level of evolution surge (lesser at level 5, normal level 9, greater level 13, grand level 17)(as the spell) upon himself, except the duration is extended to 1 hour per caster level.
Upon reaching level 17 and gaining the Evolution Surge (Grand) this ability function as evolution surge, except you can gain any number of evolutions whose total cost does not exceed 6 points, and may upgrade an evolution that he already possesses.
His caster level for this ability is equal to his evolved warrior level.

Transmogrify (Sp): At 10th level an evolved warrior may cast Transmogrify upon himself once per day in a ritual that takes 1 hour. He must provide the material component for this spell (a flask of quicksilver worth 1,000 gp).

Evolution Master (Su): At 20th level the evolved warrior may use a lesser version of Transmogrify upon himself at will. He may remove an evolution and return it's points to his evolution point pool, or form a new evolution from remaining points as a full round action that provokes an attack of opportunity. This ability specifically allows evolution points to be saved, rather than spent immediately.

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