80pb Gestalt game. HELP!


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Actually if you want to make your DM cringe the wizard/Druid till arcane hierophant/fighter line has potential for nasty. Better than a summoner, this combo melds your companion then gives you the hp and feats of a fighter, the buffs that are unique to both wiz and Druid, and if done right you can sit astride your companion dealing respectable damage.
Using the same idea swap magus for wizard and take the feat at 3rd for obtaining a familiar...more damage potential combined with more melee focused spell casting but you lose some of your class features from magus.
Either way you aren't being taxed with boon companion or practiced spell caster like you did as single class chars, no spell progression loss, and gain a lot out of it.

mindchemist/wizard for decent spell DCs

gladiator/ thug x pal 2 with performance feats to frustrate the GM by getting 3+ free intimidate checks vs all foes in 30 ft. per round (pal to have nice saves)

Well I got two that could be fun.

Barbarian(Wild Rager)/Alchemist(Ragechemist), fluffed as berserker who uses some sorts of combat herbs. Wild rager is just to bring it to the traditional mouthfoaming rager. Put the 16 to int and 12 to Cha, with +4 to Will from Wisdom the Uncontrolled Rage should not be much of a hassle. Though might be a reason enough to get Iron Will. I just like the thematics of this more than the mechanics. Altough being able to get STR to 30 or with some races beyond at first level is pretty nice. Hardly optimal build, but unless others rolled anywhere near that good, it might be better to go with not so optimal build.

Barbarian(any)/Fighter(Archer), combine trick shot and stregth surge is the main trick up the combos sleeve. Later add in Spell sunder. Take surperstition and Human favored class bonus and saves won't be a problem when raging. Archery is the main stick but very easy to go to melee with rather minimal investment if it is needed.

Magus/Cleric - with Channel Smite you could deal tons of damage.

Myrmidarch Magus/Pistolero - That DPR should explode!

Myrmidarch Magus->Souleater/Zen-Archer - Apply many Negative Levels, with your Ranged Flurry, while channeling Touchspells

Liberty's Edge

Magus is a serious cornerstone, here. Magus/any martial class can outfight most anything...Magus/Wizard is a sick caster that can melee...Magus/rogue, a sick skillmonkey stealth Magus...

Human w/ Racial Heritage(Halfling) Pick up Monk (Underfoot Adept) along with Ki Throw. At level 4, you can trip up to a Huge creature normally and, with 1 Ki, you can trip a Gigantic or with 2 Ki, a Colossal. The other gestalt class could be Fighter, maybe Brawler, Unarmed Fighter, or Mobile Fighter.

Gobo Horde wrote:

Yup I can mix the scores around, have 18s in all mental stats for instance, so there is that choice! as for the 16 and 12, I rolled it, believe it or not, I understand the feeling of just making them all 18s but I guess he gets 1 weakness :)

Monk/Paladin, whats great about this combination? I understand it would be unhittable, sell me on it!
Barbarian/druid. That looks interesting! Ill have to check out the druid and see what I can find.
I have thought of the barbarian/alchy, combine it with an orc and you would have a good 30str at level 2! and you could absorb the mental stat drops easier.
Monk/wizard? Why is that?

hehe, a 12 is not a weakness. :D

I've made to very funny and powerful characters
A wizard/psion/cerebremancer and a paladin/hexblade. Boyth excelent ideas for a gestalt.

Wizard/Psion - Versatility and readiness combined, tempered with power. This actually "wastes" the stats though.

Paladin/Hexblade - It was more of a concept. A man of church put in charge of hunting magic user and magic beasts that endanger the people of a region finds itself dabling in profane magic to better do his job.You got amazing saves, charisma on saves with divine grace and double charisma against spells and spell-like abilities and mettle! Healing, martial capabilities and some debuff. A very competent witch hunter.

Haha I like the goblin barbarian one! I have actually built a regular greeny rager before and could imagine gestalting it would be very good.

Frothing at the mouth barbarian reminds me of the hulk! If you had suggested that earlier I would have gone that hands down :D as it is I decided to re-roll (I had twice the points of any other character) and I got a 20pb this time DX utterly nutered stats (highest stat was a 15, all odd numbers) made it a completly different chalenge! I am going alchemist/bard and believe I can make a decient go of it :)
He has 16s in knowledge skills, can throw decient bombs, has good utility already and at level 3 he will be able to aid another as an AoO for +4. As long as he survives he should be good and I look forward to playing him :)

Scarab Sages

I would suggest a paladin/ninja lots of fun extra attack and great saves, you wont have to use heavy armor with stats like those so smite+sneak+sneak attack.

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