Goblin Brain Reservation Thread 2013

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Sovereign Court

Tasty as ever!

Thanks Majuba!

Grand Lodge

Majuba wrote:

Greetings Paizoians! We had a late harvest this year, and our delightful crop has been elegantly flavored by a bit of noble rot. And so the time has come to reserve your own batch of tasty green morsels!

If you are attending PaizoCon 2013 and wish to engage your senses and broaden your palette with the delightful candied gray cells of Golarion's own meanest minute menaces, simply list here a name which will be on your PaizoCon Badge.

This can be your real name or board alias, as long as you make sure you set that under customize my badge on the E-Tickets page.) If known, include your day/time of arrival (Late Wednesday, Early Friday, etc.) Posting or private messaging your Room # when known will also increase speed (and likelihood) of delivery.

The first 42 PaizoCon attendees to post to this thread will be guaranteed a goblin brain.

Don't miss out on the very best Golarion's Goblins have to offer! - their sinister, pyromaniacal minds!

David Gloss wrote:

Email dated 01/04/2013:

I am attending Paizocon for the first time this year, and saw the paizo thread about the goblin brains! If you are planning to do it again this year, any chance I could reserve one?

Yes! - 41 to go!

Thank you! Delicious as always!

Shadow Lodge

The goblin brain was a lifesaver!

As I'm sure many of you were aware, with some sessions starting late and running long, combined with the "mini Starbucks" RUNNING OUT OF FOOD, the goblin brain provided critical calories and energy in a pinch.

RPG Superstar 2009, Contributor

Ate mine on the flight back (as usual). Thanks for the treat, Tom!

My pleasure as always to provide - glad everyone enjoyed them!

Apologies to Kobold Cleaver, David Gloss, Ben & Tiffany for not finding you guys! Though with 38 out of 42 delivered this was a great improvement over last year (~75%).

Kobold Cleaver wrote:
Sorry I missed out. Hope someone else got my brain while I was off frittering my time away (lunchtime, suppertime, gametime, too) at the pony con.

TetsujinOni got yours a bit after midnight on Sunday (or Monday really). I forgot you were double-conning! I could have dropped it off when I infiltrated the Hilton.

Fourth Horseman: No.. won't be sharing the recipe, unless I don't make it one year (or maybe, just maybe, in the culinary section of Wayfinder).

Dark Archive

Thanks indeed! The goblin brain did a great job of replacing mine when it had expired in a haze of con exhaustion.

Liberty's Edge

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All brains must be eaten.

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