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I am very hard on the Paizo team at times. :) I'd like to make a public acknowledgement that one of my pet peeves has been being addressed in a very public and timely way.

For the last few months, FAQs have been getting handled quickly and efficiently. No more waiting 10 months between FAQ updates.

As a customer, I can't tell you how much I truly appreciate this sort of support from the developer. I was honestly considering just canceling my subscriptions, but am now happy to say they'll continue in effect going forward.

I'd like to give the FAQ team a big vote of thanks.


A definite "+1" from me! It has been very nice to see the many FAQ updates recently, including some that have been answered within a very short period of time from the question being asked.

Huzzah! A responsive designer\company presence is always huge in my book.

Yay! Kudos!


+1 from me on this as well. Thanks Paizo guys!

+1 from me as well. You guys are awesome. Now, about the monk...

Here here! +1

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+1 for me for this and all of the great support the staff provides us here. Great job everyone!

Indeed, bravo!

This is a good point, and reminds me that it's time to check whether they have any new books out in PDF, like Ultimate Campaign. Which should be out in PDF today.

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Indeed, all these recent FAQs are fantastic! Thanks, Paizo!

*stands up and applauds*

Congratulations from me as well.

What was the FAQ mdt?

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Awright, awright, heroes. Stop kissing up and go buy one of their products if you're so darn grateful. I'm the one that should be thanking them; I get mighty tired of watching fellow-gamers pull each other's virtual hair on these boards.

Dabbler wrote:
+1 from me as well. You guys are awesome. Now, about the monk...


On general principles I concur.

They do good work, and I have been very happy with their responsiveness. That said, they changed the rules w/ the Crane Wing ruling and opened the floodgates to all sorts of new questions and silly ramifications with it and I'm not too pleased with that. Still, good "batting average" overall, and I'm actually optimistic the Crane Wing thing will be changed to a more sensible ruling.

Nah, they answered them too. Deflecting an attack means the attack has no effect, be it damage, con drain, or spell effect. If you had a held charge (like shocking grasp), you retain it.

Oh, they did? Good, then. I still think Deflect = miss, but as long as it's not a hit at least things aren't completely nuts.

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leo1925 wrote:

Congratulations from me as well.

What was the FAQ mdt?

No specific one from me recently (my last one was the monk flurry thing). I've just noticed 8 or 9 FAQ updates in the last 3 weeks, and that the response time has dropped to about a week for easy ones, or even same day on a few, and it is EXTREMELY nice to see such response!

The two FAQs on Crane Wing were answered within hours.

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I'm particularly happy that the follow-up to the Crane Style question also got handled, rather than falling through the cracks.


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The customer response is one of the main reasons I really like giving Paizo my money. As for FAQ's well I guess they're worth it, but since I don't PFS much it doesn't really bother me if something is screwy or broken. But I will say good job on the speed of the answers!

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In other games like Shadowrun, it fell to the GM to patch a lot of this stuff. I prefer it when Paizo fixes these these things. If you've already got a gaming group and people already have some of these feats, it's nicer if a distant, neutral third party decides on the rule; players don't have to feel the GM is giving another one the free ride or nerfing them. Basically, it's nice to have a well-informed and neutral arbiter.

Another +1! Paizo's running up quite the untyped bonus here!

Go team!

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Three cheers and a tiger!

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Also, when u finally nerf Monk? Way broken class...



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