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Is there any way to tweak your character after you played at lvl 2? I started at lvl 2 thanks to xp from a pre gen, and made an unfortunate 3rd lvl decision. Is there any way to get this back?

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I'm curious as to what has made this character unplayable at level 3?

There are only 2 ways to rebuild a character in PFS after using it at level 2 at this time.

The first is if the choice is not PFS legal. If you apply something that is not campaign legal to a character you need to replace it with something that is PFS legal.

The second option is to be a tier 1 GM at Gen Con 2013. The tier 1 GMs get a special boon allowing a rebuild, but I don't recall seeing anything listing exactly what the limits of the rebuild will be.

It's not unplayable, just unfortunate. I re-evaluated my build, and found that a lvl of monk disinterest help my ranger the way I thought it would.

Thanks for the advice.

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