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My effective leadership level is 11, so I can get a 7th level Cohort.

1: - As i'm 7th level, I only get a cohort that is level 5? Is that correct?

A 5th level Monster Cohort is a Worg.
2: - For the purposes of Cohort level, is the Worgs level 5th? (as in, does it have 15,000 medium XP)
3: - So when it gains enough for 6th level (23,000 medium xp) do I then start giving it Class levels?
4: - If so where do the class levels start? 1st level or 6th?

4 questions there... Thanks for any help.

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1: yep it has to always be 2 levels lower then you.
2: yes, if you DM/GM uses medium progression and that is the min xp required for level 5 (but the creature is really level 4 because of its hit dice. thus it is going to gain feats and ablity score boost at 1 level lower then normal)
3: Yes
4:4 levels of magical beast 1 level of PC class.(for powers and ablitys and skill points. ect you it would only be level 5) (note you added a +4,+4,+2,+2 and -2 to ablity scores of according to adding class levels to creatures rules) (1 level worth of xp I guess to account for creature ablity scores powers natural armor the ablity score increase may also be factor into this.)

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