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Hey all

I've been thinking about the easy access to magic and masterwork items, and thought up an alternative and more limited way to craft masterwork items, and thereby limiting magic items too...

Basically the masterwork part of creating an item is removed, and a quality check is made upon finishing an item based on the crafters ability and training...


John want to craft a fullplate. A fullplate cost 1500 hp = 15000 so

After 2 months john finishes his plate, and roll a qualitycheck. Johns total score in craft (armor) is 25, so there's a 25% chance the plate is mwk...

This is not playtestet... Thoughts?

It won't do much to limit magic items due to the Masterwork Transformation spell.

Also, you might want to make that chance double (or triple) the craft bonus. By the time you get to +50 (or even +25), you should not be making masterwork items only half the time.

There is a great 3rd party pdf for crafting called Making Crafting Work that I suggest to anyone who doesn't like the RAW crafting rules. And it costs less than $1 :D

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