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Nihimon wrote:
Bluddwolf wrote:
Actually the impression that I got from some of Ryan's comments was that in most cases players will set their alignment and then forget it. Most of our actions will not be traceable and the automatic drift towards Core (set) Alignment will keep most characters there.
Ryan did say he expects most players to set their Alignment and then forget it, but I don't think it's reasonable to expect the automatic drift to keep you there unless you basically never do anything outside of that alignment. If you set your Alignment to Lawful Good and then spend all your time playing Chaotic Evil, the automatic drift most certainly will not "keep you there" at Lawful Good.

I did not make the argument to cover the extreme, I said "most characters".

The Devs have said that being one step out of our core alignment will have no consequence, it is not worth the coding time. That might also be true for beyond one step. They have also said that no actions can change your core alignment unless you actually do it yourself.

When I specifically described rubber banding alignment, Ryan stated that he expected that to take place and that it pointed to the alignment system working as intended.

Core Alignment is as predictive of your possible actions as what armor you are wearing.

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The discussion in the SAD thread and the factionalizing of the bandit / merchant - guard roles will likely have some bearing on the topic of this thread.

Denizens of Echo Wood is one faction that we know of by name, that may be the center piece of this proposed alliance.

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