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I have the pleasure of announcing Benjamin Falk as my 2nd Venture Lieutenant (the first being Jan Pralle, which I missed to announce on time ;) ).
He will add the city Freiburg to our area.

Benjamin posts as Hayato Ken.

Welcome on board!

1/5 Venture-Captain, Germany–Hannover

Thanks! I´ll do my best!


Congratulations Benjamin! Good to see my home state of Baden-Wurttemberg well-represented!

Grand Lodge 4/5 Pathfinder Society Campaign Coordinator

Welcome to the team!

Grand Lodge 5/5

Gut spielen!


Did you survive the grueling Bonekeep initiation that the Decimvirate ran your poor Lore Warden through? If you have any details of the Decimvirate's abuse, better tell the Shadow Lodge quick while you still can!

Lantern Lodge

The Bonekeep was lucky we ran out of time, otherwise we would have pillaged more than just 5 rooms ;) .

1/5 Venture-Captain, Germany–Hannover

Oh yeah, i think we handled that Hellhole quite well after resisting the luring offer to play up^^

Obviously a spoiler, if you make your sense motive, you know about what before opening:
Actually we made it through seven rooms and survived. Not sure if we would have survived the rest though, especially the last after what Mike told us about it. Thanks for your lessons on general surviving RE! I was able to surprise Mike with a bladeguard on my weapon among some others hehe. Also the imp servitor scouting ahead was a good move i think.

Majuba you are welcome anytime! Just contact me or the Captain or Jan!

Thanks again!

Grand Lodge 5/5

Congratulations, Benjamin. I am so happy and excited for you. Couldn't happen to a nicer guy.

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We'll be doing our very best to make PFS a success in Baden-Württemberg. And for the record: We survived seven rooms of bonekeep! But Wolf did take all the loot...

Grand Lodge 5/5

Congratulations, and welcome Benjamin!

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