Holy Vindicator Build Challenge


Silver Crusade

Human, 12th level Holy Vindicator
2 levels each of ranger, fighter, and monk. 1 level of Crusader Cleric.
Rest HV.

Enjoy the insane amount of feats and build a crazy HV!!
Remember: HV requires either Alignment Channel or Elemental Channel.)

Scarab Sages

Why would anyone want to build a Holy Vindicator with that hodgepodge mess?

Scarab Sages

Sorry, but genuinely, what is the purpose of having such specific but very odd and not very well meshing limitations?

Silver Crusade

Its called a challenge for a reason. If I wanted another build that "wins at Pathfinder," I'd have searched the threads for the uber leet haxors builds that I'm sure you contribute to.

But that's not what I wanted. I had an assumption, and I guess maybe a misguided one at that, that Pathfinder forum users had an imagination.

Its called a challenge for a reason. Right there in the title.

So, minoritarian and the rest of the forum users, I challenge you to build a holy vindicator with those requirements. If you choose not to, fine, move along.

Shadow Lodge

Have an idea, not sure if it'll work out yet. There aren't any deities with earthbreaker as afavored weapon, are there?

Silver Crusade

Make one up. I don't care. Is there a deity with the Nodachi?

Grand Lodge

My Serpent Skull/Holy Vin is The Hand of Desna.
(who needs Paladins?)

Built entirely of Cleric (Liberation/Travel) - 9 and 7 levels of HV.

Half Elf w/ Ancestral Arms=Falcata.

I don't understand why the specific lvl requirements. It's almost like you are shoe horning the build, it's not quite a challenge... Idk...

I would create a deity who has nodachi as a favored weapon, and is LG or LN so I can TWF with nodachi and unarmed strike (with dragon style) so I can get 1.5 str for both. Pick up a wand of lead blades from ranger, and the extra feats from fighter to make it dangerous.

Silver Crusade

Mostly the question is...what do you do with all those feats?

Haha, Byrd...I figured your nodachi build would come up.

Ranger makes it nice to get TWF without the 15 dex requirement. Another build (without nodachi, I mean) could also stay unarmed, ala Captain Andoran. Going this route allows a Dragon Style/Crane Style build, assuming your monk levels are MoMS.

I would make an offensive channeler build that may use ranger monk OR fighter lvls, but not all of them. I'd take advantage of the channel smite feat along with paladin smite to do some serious carnage. At least 5 lvls of paladin to get the +10 dmg vs super evil, and channel smite to add a ton of d6's to that dmg with alignment channel. The shield buff to AC is nice, but you don't even have to have the shield ready to take advantage of it.

Or I would take two lvls of MoMS for crane and snake style then 3lvls of cleric. Light armor with the brawling property, AoMF, and shield bash and unarmed strike it out with the same channel smite, and crush anyone who misses me in melee.

Make it a Cleric of Urgathoa, and channel smite with a Shaken effect (courtesy of the Urgathoa only feat: Shatter Resolve) delivered on the end of a Scythe!

Take the Leadership feat, give your cohort Butterfly's Sting, Two Weapon Fighting, and Improved Critical (or buy him Keen) Kukri's. Now, whenever he confirms a critical hit he can turn it into a normal hit but make your next attack a critical, if it hits. That will be a x4 (with your channelled energy, plus shaken) damage.

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