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Scarab Sages

Oh most awesome customer service:

Today my order arrived, fast and undamaged, alas with an extra trinket - a copy of the Shattered Star Face Cards.

While cards are one of the few of your excellent products I have not subscribed to, having these in my greedy hands enspelled me so I do not want to give them back. Please, if possible, just bill the item with my next subscription, or if that is easier for you I could order them and send you a message not to include the cards in the shipment.

Thank you, oh most awesome customer service.

Lantern Lodge Customer Service Manager

Apologies for including the extra item and thank you for letting us know. Please keep it with our apologies for the error.

Sara Marie

Scarab Sages

Thank you, oh most awesome customer service! That is very generous - and if you take a look at my subscriptions, you will se that it worked ;-)

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