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Most fun spell EVAR!

Or, it was. Until I found out I might be using it wrong.

I was wondering if Enemy Hammer had the same restrictions, weight wise, as Telekinesis , since it is telekinesis being used to do the lifting of the enemy?

I had just assumed that I could lift any enemy and throw the silly fellow around, but I can see now that I may have been very wrong, and I might owe my DM (and his Huge Red Dragon) an apology for last night.

Sovereign Court

It doesn't state "as the spell Telekinesis," so there would be no weight restrictions.

Dark Archive

Well the spell dos have a chart on it that goes all the away to colossal so weight is definitely not an issue.

That's what I had assumed, but it did not make my DM happy. :P

I think I might be looking up a different spell, just to keep the peace, though.

It'd still be a fun spell, even given the weight restrictions, just not worthy of a 6th level slot, thinks I.

Thanks for the responses! :)

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