Final Battles (Post Kingmaker 6)


So I've finished the written part of the adventure and its a real relief I will tell you that. I need to read adventures in more detail next time to make sure everything makes sense.

So in a Narnia kind of thing the last couple of parts of the game will revolve around the PCs versus Chorral (who's in a Star Warsian twist is one of the PCs' father) I wish I could use the mass combat system but that subsystem turned out really badly.

So yeah, what would you do for a final showdown type event?

I've been thinking about this, as I have been planning to finish with the return of Choral.

So, the civil war starts in Brevoy and the Swordlords have every intention of staying out of it and declaring independence for Rostland, calling on the PCs' Kingdom to back them up. Then Choral returns and kicks it up a notch - the Orlovskys, always loyal to Rogarvia, accept him immediately but Noleski doesn't want to give up his position so rallies half of Issia against Choral.

Choral is seen flying away towards one of the mountain ranges that borders the PCs' Kingdom. So the PCs are approached by the Swordlords - they would rather bend the knee to their southern allies than be ruled by either Surtova or Rogarvia, so they offer to do so if the PCs can get rid of Choral.

My intention is to use this, as suggested in another thread, so I needed an excuse to make it a lair assault rather than a war. But the promise of adding Rostland to their Kingdom should be a good motivation.

My long term will start with the Brevoy Civil war kicking off - which will then be interrupted by armies of Undead from Skywatch lead by a bunch of Rogovarian Vampires (or liches) - which segues into the Golka Dwarves breaking through to the surface again, pursued by the underdark minions they have been fighting a war with for the last X years :)

It should be mayhem all around :)

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