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well...when you go much beyond Europe and Japan, you increasingly get a lot sketchier on details and description in online sources or encyclopedias of monsters or spirits. You really need to start hitting up the primary folklore literature, which is more obscure and harder to access without for instance a good university library.

Wannabe Demon Lord wrote:

I'd like to see about 90% of those, maybe more. It's a good list, but my main problem with it is the lack of balance between cultures. True balance is never going to be found, but you can easily have more than five Hindu creatures, (Pisacha? Peymakilir? Buru? Kabhandi? Yaksha? Mahisha?) two Caribbean creatures (Lusca? Diablesse? Baka? Ligahoo? Hupia? Moko Jumbie?), and seven non-Persian Middle Eastern creatures (Al? Sirrush? Tapagoz? Rabasu? Anzu? Dalhan?).

Few cultures have as much readily available information as Japan or Greece, but most have at least a few dozen.

Most of those creatures you mentioned are chaotic shapeshifters (creatures that take strange forms, look that cat headed birds just turned into a dog or sheep! WOW!) or spirits, so that's why I don't include them in my wishlist.

Pisacha - I've never heard of them and I know why, in their text I like the part of the bulging veins, but then it starts, its a shapeshifter, invisibility, will o wisps, ghouls , spirits and they eat souls, all these things are cool, but this Jean Grey monster takes away the speciality of many lesser monsters that don't have 10.000 powers, so i'm not a fan of these chaotic all-doers.

Peymakilir - A battlefield vampire, this could be interesting, thanks for this one, never heard of it before, probably because most hindu monsters don't really interest me, never really searched for them.

Buru - Buru as in the reptilian monster? Not a real big fan of it. But something inside me says that this is another monster.

Kabhandi - I can't find information about this creature, google only has 3 results, so can you tell me what this creature is about?

Yaksha - Nature spirit, i'm drowning in them.

Mahisha - Another bull monster, not really interested in more, as I first want Bonnacon and most of all Aatxe in pathfinder.

Lusca - I left out all the monsters that are in AP or other Products already, Lusca is already in one of the island/pirate products as a three headed red octopus shark.

Diablesse - Sounds like the Siguanaba, not really a fan of too many female humanoid monsters so also not a wish for me.

Baka - Another spirit without much info on them, so need to learn more before I take them in my wishlists.

Ligahoo - It can shapeshift into different animals... next. 90% of all creatures that can do this aren't something I want to see in bestiaries.

Hupia - You know I dislike them right, navelless ghost are really uninspired for me. I'm not a big fan of ghosts in general beyond Banshee, Dybbuk, Poltergeist, Pesta and Aatxe. Hupia together with Hippogriff are my least favorite monsters of all time.

Moko Jumbie - A gentle spirit, something Dragon78 would like, not so much me.

Al - Really dislike these, too chaotic for me, they have so much forms I'm drowning in them, they are just like the Vila and Hala/Ala, people even get mad if you get their legends wrong, so I never use them or wish for them again. Its easy to get their legends wrong, as they have more forms than my entire wishlist together, not a fan of these.
There was a time when I had all three of these monsters in my lists, Al as a storm hag, Vila as storm nymph and Hala/Ala as storm demon, but then all slavic people went CRAZY with rage because those creatures are so much more, they can be ANYTHING, well that is good for you I said, but that is something I dislike. (same goes for the Sarkany, which I wanted as a cool storm dragon/demon shapeshifter, but that is not correct people said, there is really a curse on cool storm creatures, they all are chaotic shapeshifters)

Sirrush - I like only the D&D version, not the myth version.

Tapagoz - Another Cyclops, I have 4 already, so no need for a fourth, can't find anything special on them too.

Rabasu - Need more info, can't find any on google.

Anzu - Is that the strange four winged panther with feathers? Not a fan of too much cats and too much chimera, i'm already drowning in them, and never been inspired by the Anzu. It also has power over weather, something I want in few creatures as I like weather control to be something special and rare, not something that almost all creatures share. It is also a reversed Griffon. Griffon being the most popular of mythological monsters has never taken my heart, and most griffon-like creatures are among my least favorite monsters, Sak en Keythong being lone exceptions.

Dalhan - Another spirit that can take human form.

So that are enough reasons not to include them in my list, I do agree that some countries are a little short in my list, but those myths have mostly chaotic shapeshifters, sasquatch-like creatures and spirits in their myths, similar creatures can be found in the more common mythologies like Japan and Greek, but with less chaotic abilities and less shapeshifting powers which I dislike in too many creatures. Doppelgangers and Baldanders should be something special, not just another card in my hand.
Thanks for the Peymakilir though, that is a cool vampire, and i'm adding it to my previous wishlist. I also want the Lusca in the bestiary, always been a fan of that creature.
Raiju, Chon Chon, Serpopard, Water Leaper (with another name in the AP), Ewah (with another name in the AP), Impundulu, Inkanyamba, Ammit, Salawa/Set Beast and all others from myth from the AP bestiaries are also needed, but I didn't add them in my list.

I also want to say that the Polevik in the AP bestiary should be changed into the grass-spirit I know them off, the toadstool/fungus thing is more for the Spanish Trenti or South American Kayeri.

I'd love to see some 0HD lawful and chaotic outsiders to go with the usual good/evil of aasimars and tieflings.

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I would like the Anzu, Yaksha, Al, Moko Jumbie, Buru, Dalhan, Tapagoz, and Pisacha.

Lol you know that if you wish for Al you dont have to wish for al those other elementals, giants, drakes, fairies, and aeons anymore. Because the Al can be them all. No need for other creatures anymore.

You realize not every single element of the myth needs to be interpreted word-for-word, right? The Al has a specific appearence that can be used or artiscally modified. It has specific behaviors, like using iron scissors and devouring pregnant women and children. It is implied that it's abilities are related to fire and metal. It even has some traditional fey weaknesses. If they just used some or all of that and left the other tidbits, there you go. Decent monster.

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Al as a evil fey with scissors, I like the sound of that.

I don't like their name. Al... never was able to find them on google. I got all other mythology creatures instead in the results, pun intended. One third party bestiary used the Al as whirlwind tree hag thing and that was the only al I kinda digged. There are so much other creatures with better names that share all those powers with the Al, that I rather see all of those. Norn have scissors also the slith-mouthed woman. 40% of all Brazilian and Philippine monsters feed on pregnant women and unborn babies, and there are over 50 myth monsters that can control fire and heat.

Also those pictures you used for the Al look more like generic demons than of fae with scissors.

If they do something with the Al like they did with the Hala, I love it, I love the Pathfinder Hala, the storm demon, the real myth is bla to me.

I hope pathfinder will use the Vila in the same way, and the Sarkany, just cut all the nonsense of them being everything. We know Slavic myths want to suppress American myths in size and power, but there is no need for that struggle in pathfinder lol.

We don't have to many monsters that use cooking as a weapon, so it would be cool to have some that do. I would love to see an evil chef with a magical frying pan.

I just realized, Sincubus, that what you've been complaining about is not the Armenian monster I've been referring too, the Al, but the Slavic Ala, which is already interpreted perfectly two different ways in an AP (as the Hala) and in the Midgard Bestiary.

Al sound like they'd be the minions of Lamashtu in pathfinder.

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i have an uncle named Al:-)

Milo v3 wrote:
Al sound like they'd be the minions of Lamashtu in pathfinder.

That's... perfect, actually.

The new Paizo catalog is already available for down load. The B5 entry shows 4 pages from the book wich are the Kabandha(Cyclopes), Cytillipede, Leng Ghoul, and Eclypse Giant.

Hmm Cytillipede is cool, I know that one already from a Derro product. Not a fan of Leng Ghouls and more elemental giants though. And that new Cyclops looks more like a giant Blemmyes.

Also see some form of alien gremlin, I think that is the Hobkins Goblin or something like that from alien sightings. Also the picture of the Lusca makes me think Lusca is in this one too.

I think Wannabe Demon Lords is gonna be happy that they took the Hindu variant (Kabandha) instead of the Blemmyes or the Xing Tian, which I preferred. It is a Rakshasa in the myth, but a cyclops in pathfinder?

I really wish the evil whale or illhveli will be in pathfinder one day, the horse whale or Hrosshvalur is uploaded today on the a book of creatures page.

This pleases me. This pleases me a lot.
Cytillipedes look cool. We can always use more centipede monsters.
Leng Ghouls are also awesome. Another Lovecraft beast I doubted I'd see.
Eclipse Giants just sound epic.
Hopkinsville Goblins! Yesss. And they're totally going to be gremlins aren't they? That's awesome.
Looking forward to the Lusca reprint as well.
Kabandha. I'm very pleased that they are using it. I would personally have it be a Rakshasa, but if the devs feel like it should be a Cyclops they probably have a good reason for doing so, though I'm curious as to what that is. To respond to your accusation, Sincubus, I would prefer them over Blemmyes, yes, because, at the moment, I have perfectly good Blemmyes stats (and artwork) from the Southlands Bestiary. The Xing Tian is a different story, as it is would be a very different creature functionally and statistic wise, so I don't think that the Kabnadha's inclusion will effect whether or not the Xing Tian ends up in there in any way. So don't put words in my mouth.

uhm it was more like a good-for-you after you just wished for more Hindu Monsters, and there it is in the preview.

Okay. My apologies. It didn't sound that way based on the wording, but okay. Thanks.

I'm predicting a lot of Hindu monsters actually, based on the new Celestial race and the fact that the company seems, based on the Occult bestiary, to associate Hindu myth with Psychic creatures.

I hope to see a lot of Hindu monsters I never heard of before that aren't based on Gods (which I don't like) so I can use them in my own projects which are really lacking cool hindu monsters, as most I find are shapeshifters or copy-monsters.

My favorite being the blood based Raktavija, I hope to at least see him in the Bestiary. The white Airavata is also cool, it is actually my favorite good-natured monster of all.

I wonder if the "Hopkinsville Goblin" is going to be a gremlin, goblin, alien, or something else.

I wonder what name it has in pathfinder and what abilities. I hop its an alien gremlin.

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It seems likely to me that the Hopkinsville Goblins will be a type of gremlin. Possibly from space. Space Fey. I wonder how that would work?

MMCJawa wrote:



Now if we can just get Sharknado to go with it.......I am I the only one who thinks Sharknado (with its numerous "celebrity" cameos) is a good fit for the Forgotten Realms?

You know what I would like in terms of alien races? Lemurians. A race of cold, emotionless, super-advanced reptilians that serve as the polar opposites of the aggressive, tribal Lizardfolk, scrappy Kobolds, and brutish Troglodytes. Maybe Lemurians would be descendants of the same race the Trogs are descended from, only they went out into space and gained advanced tech while the Troglodytes descended into savagery.

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I tend to think Serpentfolk kind of fill the reptiloid fact I think Reptiloids in pop culture/UFO lore pretty much are derived from pulp Serpentfolk

Lemurians would be cool as an intelligent alien race. I see these guys based on lizards as opposed to snakes.

Also the Lusca has three heads not two.

I hope that they add a "medium-sized" swarm template, similar to the 3.5 mob template. Yeah, yeah, there's the squadron template, but apparently it was custom-made for the Russian soldiers in Reign of Winter.

I want a mob/megaswarm/squadron template to challenge high-level PCs. I'm sorry, but having four to six PCs taking on an entire army by themselves is rather dumb. They're clearly outnumbered and it should be taken in consideration.

I've heard that there's something coming for the 100th AP booklet, but I do hope that it becomes mainstream in B5.

Some more crystal based creatures such as drakes, giants, elementals, etc.

A positive energy ooze that heals living creatures till they explode and slam attack acts as disruption effect vs undead.

A sand elemental and more sand themed creatures.

We only have one cactus based plant creature, could use some more.

A non-construct based coral creature would be cool.

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If you do use some crystal creatures in bestiary 5/6, please bend from the usual cases and use the Sarangay and Anggitay instead.

A crystal/gem based minotaur and centaur are something different.

We have Grendel, now I think I'd like to see his mother's race, the Hafgygr.

I would be fine with just seeing Grendal's mother.

Uhm, so you would be fine with a creature named Grendal Mother?

Rather see Hafgygr then. Grendel's Mother is a name I wouldn't like to see for her.

Also today it's Zitiron day on A Book Of Creatures, and all the spotlights go to this armored fishman.

I like this turtle-merman version, but I also like the Medieval armored merman monster version.

The dilemma's in life can be cruel. :-p

Ceffyl Dŵr would be awesome.

Its a hovering mist horse much like the kelpie, but unlike the kelpie it can hover and turn into mist, taking riders on its back high into the sky then turning into mist so the victims drops to its death.

I don't like the Pathfinder version of the Kelpie, so the Ceffyl Dwr could make up for that.

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Dragon78 wrote:
I would be fine with just seeing Grendal's mother.

Careful what you wish for, now clean your f+$@ing room or the hippy commune gets it!!

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That'll look a lot cooler once I find the right avatar for it :-)

Well if we get Grendal's Mother in B5 then you will get a good avatar for it:)

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Close enough for me:-D

I'd like to see this creature. It's another water horse, but it has a really unique, weird look and might even qualify as an aberration.

We have a Harryhausen Cyclops and Roc, so now I'd really like to see a Harryhausen style Kraken/Cetus. Maybe a Harryhausen Centaur or Medusa too, and a Ymir expy.

I'd also like to see Rangda in some form, I don't care if she's a race or a Demon Lord. That's a truly vile monster right there.

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The Harryhausen Medusa was in Mythical Monsters Revisited and I think in the Tomb of the Iron Medusa module.

Hentai tentacle monster.

Scarab Sages

still waiting for the "Aberzombie" entry

Paizo Employee Developer

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xavier c wrote:
Hentai tentacle monster.


Paizo Employee Developer

Aberzombie wrote:
still waiting for the "Aberzombie" entry

I'm still waiting for an astrozombie.

I am still waiting for playable mutant turtles and space hamsters;)

I'm still waiting for November.

And i'm still waiting for Cherufe, as that is the most famous (for me) mythology monster that is still missing from pathfinder. But all those Lava Elementals, Hurlers, Drakes, Demons, Giants and Dragons probably spoiled it's spot.

I'm still waiting for more Unicorn breeds, as they seem pretty limited while they are extremely awesome and numerous in mythology.

Karkadann, Camahueto, Shadhavar, Nian, Abada, Abath, Indrik, Bo, Sin-You and i'm missing a lot probably, we only have the D&D Unicorn and the Almiraj so far.

Scarab Sages

Adam Daigle wrote:
Aberzombie wrote:
still waiting for the "Aberzombie" entry
I'm still waiting for an astrozombie.!

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