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This is something that has come up several times before, and in my research I came across threads including This discussion on Ferocious Summons along with another Ferocious Summons question. The Diehard aspect of Summon Good Monster has also been brought up here.

By RAI I can infer they mean for Ferocity and Diehard to work on summoned creatures, regardless of whether it's on their stat block already or granted by some other means. That's intuitive to me and games generally ought to be intuitive. However, some of the discussions linked above tap into my concern: By RAW there is room to disagree, and I have actually seen GMs do so... which means this could come up in PFS play.

So here's my question: Do Ferocity and/or Diehard (regardless of whether the creature already has it or got it from their summoner in some way) override the "Summons disappear at 0 HP" rule? If yes, can I get an official citation for this (even something like a forum post by a developer would suffice) since it will matter in PFS? It seems like this has come up many times if the above threads are any indication, yet I cannot find any specific answer to it.

Why not just hit the FAQ request button on those other threads, instead of starting a new one?

Silver Crusade

Because dozens of people pressing FAQ Requests on them over the span of several months has yielded no reply. Apparently the issue does need to be brought up anew unless I'm missing something? EDIT: Also because a newly released product has made a related question relevant once again. It's Summon Good Monster instead of Ferocious Summoning, but the same basic questions apply.

EDIT 2: Also because this uses somewhat different game content than Ferocious Summoning, so I need an answer on Diehard's interactions with it anyway.

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