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Shadow Lodge 4/5 5/55/55/55/5 **** Venture-Captain, Conventions—PaizoCon

When you can, let us know that you're alright up there?

*thoughts for everyone up in Boston right now...*


Amen. Be safe.

The Exchange 1/5

just saw this on the news - be well, bostonians...

Liberty's Edge 2/5

I hope you all stay well. My thoughts are with you.

Grand Lodge 5/5

Thank you. Yesterday was surreal.

I can report that my wife and I are fine. And my VL Lucas Servideo, who works in the city, was not there on Monday and is also fine.

Dark Archive 4/5

Thanks for checking in, Don. I fondly recall gaming with you and the Pandemonium guys before I moved away, and I'm glad you're all ok :)

Grand Lodge 5/5

I am only aware of the status of my wife, myself, and one of my VLs.

Grand Lodge 5/5

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I am happy to report that I have been in communication with my other local VLs and while the discussion was not about their well being, I can only assume that they are fine as well.

Liberty's Edge 4/5 ** Venture-Agent, California—Los Angeles (South Bay)

I am glad to hear this, Don! My thoughts and prayers go out to everyone in Boston.

Grand Lodge 5/5

Also, I think I'm safe in saying that one of our Store Liaisons is a female grad student (not sure if she goes to BU), but one of the fatalities is being reported as a female BU grad student. I just learned tonight that the victim is from China, which means it is not our Store Liaison.

I have a sense of relief (for Linda) and sadness (for the victims and their families and friends). It has been a difficult couple of days.

Shadow Lodge 4/5 5/55/55/55/5 **** Venture-Captain, Conventions—PaizoCon

Having, unfortunately, some experience in having to think about these things from afar with family right in the middle of 9/11 and connections in Israel, in my experience, the only thing you can do is focus on the positive.

Glad that all of our people seem to be ok up there.

Grand Lodge 5/5

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I am now hijacking this thread to inject it with a lot of positive.

This post is to thank David Montgomery (Harley Quinn X), Lucas Servideo (LackofFocus), Mark Seifter (Rogue Eidolon), and Linda Zayas-Palmer (Marie1) for 1 year of dedicated service in an official capacity for the Boston Lodge.

I also want to thank VL Myles Crocker (ElyasRavenwood), note our newest VL Adam Freed (SerSeptimus), and give honorable mentions to several other event coordinators in the area. (More on this further down the post.)

David and Lucas became Venture-Lieutenants shortly after PAX East last year. Mark and Linda were appointed as co-Store Liaisons for Pandemonium. All have made tremendous strides in the growth of the region and this is a public acknowledgment and thank you.

I first met Mark and Linda at the very first PFS event run at Pandemonium (our flagship store). They have been constant fixtures at Pandemonium and other Boston area events ever since. While Linda has needed some time to devote to her Masters Degree, she will be graduating this spring. Mark is phenomenal with his understanding of the game and is very close to earning his 5th star. PFS at Pandemonium would not be what it is without them.

I first met David early on at Pandemonium. When I needed to take pictures with a GM for earning a new star, he was quick to volunteer to take the picture. I was impressed with his rules knowledge and friendly GMing style. I approached him just before PAX East to see if he might be interested in becoming a VL for the metro Boston area. Mike Brock would be at PAX East and I wanted to give him a chance to meet David in person. David ran so many tables there he almost lost his voice. Having David in place for metro Boston frees me up to focus on other parts of the region.

I first met Lucas at a game store in the North Shore. He was very personable and expressed an interest in running games there. He was also at PAX East last year and showed up with lots of printed material that really helped us to shine there. I decided to offer him a VL position with Mike's blessing before the end of PAX East. Since then he has taken on a herculean task of bringing PFS to the very densely populated North Shore area. All I can say is watch out for this one; he keeps me on my toes. If I ever disappear under mysterious circumstances, or if I'm forced to step down because of public scandal ...

Myles lives in southeastern Vermont. He has also spent time supporting PFS in North Carolina. I first met Myles in November 2009 at Carnage by the Lake at Farlee, Vermont. The home group I started playing PFS with in 2008 at the very start of the campaign was at the convention running PFS games and Myles and some friends came to play. Little did we know we would meet again a few years later. Myles started a regular game in Keene, NH at Toy City and would help out in North Carolina when he was down there. When I was appointed Venture-Captain of the Boston Lodge in September 2011 and the Venture-Lieutenant rank was announced, I started looking for some VLs. Myles' name came up relatively quickly as a potential candidate. Long story a little shorter, he was appointed in November of 2011 as a VL field officer attached to the Boston Lodge, free to travel as needed and support PFS wherever he happened to be. Fast forward to the end of March this year. Myles takes on support for western MA along with VT and becomes a regular VL for the Boston Lodge. The Albany Lodge (VC Dan Donnelly) now supports Vermont so Myles now serves two VCs. Expect other VLs to be appointed for VT to assist Myles.

As noted a few months ago, Adam Freed has joined the VL ranks of the Boston Lodge and supports PFS in RI. He also serves as a metro Boston GM when his duties as a Lieutenant in the US Army allow.

I also want to mention some relatively new Store Liaisons.

Mike Adams (Ulserad), who organized PFS at Carnage where we met Myles, and who has run PFS at TotalCon and OGC in the past, is now a Store Liaison for Pop Culture in Raymond, NH.

Ray Diaz (R D), a regular at Pandemonium, runs a monthly game in Harvard Square. While he doesn't have a "store", he should now be considered a "Store Liaison" for The Garage in Harvard Square.

I would also like to mention some event organizers at two independent stores in the region. You probably won't see events for these stores listed on our Warhorn site, but there is always hope.

Tyler O'Neill (tro1984) runs games at Stillpoint in Fall River, MA (I grew up in Somerset, the next town over.). Tyler also serves as a con GM. He is our link to Stillpoint for the Boston Lodge.

Patrick Maguire (patrick maguire 337) runs games at Toys N Things in Danvers, MA. I had the pleasure of running 4-EX for him and some players at TNT last Sunday.

Brynn Stott-Cohen (Brynn Stott-Cohen) runs games at Modern Myths in Northampton, MA.

And watch for a new Store Liaison being added for Tabletop Arena in Lowell, MA soon.

And lastly, I thank all the GMs who have allowed us to enjoy this wonderful game together.

For those of you who have made it this far, I want to thank you by letting you know I've decided to designate April (in particular Patriots' Day) as the first official holiday for the Boston Lodge. It is to celebrate all those who dedicate their time and energies in support of the lodge. A name for the holiday will be announced shortly.

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