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This movie was a gory, sick and twisted tale of darkness and madness.

Good times!

A remake... is this ED2 we are talking about?

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No, the brand new one that was released about a week ago.
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This is the new Evil Dead reboot/remake in theaters now. I really enjoyed this film; it embraced the themes and some of the set-piece scenes of the original but gave us a new cast of characters for deadite torment. I hope everyone stays through the end credits for the brief "stinger" which gives me hope for the direction of future sequels.



This movie was disturbing (even for me) but not particularly scary. (There was a preview that was scarier actually). If I was going to make a horrifying movie, I'd probably do it like that.

I didn't get attached to any of the characters... they all deserved to die. ;)

It was well done, but not completely enjoyable. Except when the demon talked ... that was enjoyable. :)

I'm getting old, perhaps I'm better off watching nicer things, like GI Joe. ;)

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Overall, I enjoyed the new Evil Dead but a few things jarred me out of my gore-induced gleeful laughter. For instance,

possible spoilers?:

* The long-haired, coffee shop intellectual-looking dude with the 70's throwback fashion sense who looks like a dozen gamers I've met has clearly never played Call of Cthulhu. For realsies, guy? Did the barbed wire, Hefty double ply and blood-inked warnings completely evade your notice?

* Where can I get an electric knife with an adamantium blade and the painkillers that tart was on when she did that thing she did with it?

* You know what happens when you shoot buckshot into a plastic tank of gasoline? You get wet.

* The chainsaw was right there, but you had to one-up the chick with the +2 electric knife of maiming and just rip it right off with nothing more than your prone, 110lb frame and junkie strength didn't you?

Still, like I said, enjoyable overall and it was cool to see Ash's Oldsmobile Delta 88 sitting outside the cabin. (Okay, so I've learned the car in the remake is a '74 and not Raimi's actual '73 model, but still.)

Agree 100% with Velcro Zipper. But if they weren't that retarded, there wouldn't be a movie.


The most jarring thing for me is why the demon slaying took place in his Mom and Dad's old cabin. Was that crap down there before and they didn't notice? Or did that happen while it wasn't used by some strangers? In any case, I didn't understand that at all

I also didn't understand why the kids didn't know about the trap door at the beginning. I mean... it's your bloody cabin, why are you surprised that there's a trap door under the rug?

The book was also funny, there's a million warnings (etched in blood) and he just casually goes about reading it and then invoking a prayer. *Facepalm*

If a car had your arm pinned in the mud, you could just slide your arm out, it's in mud afterall. Dry ground might be a little different. And I somehow doubt that anyone would have the strength (or willpower) to rip off their hand (if handcuffed for example). You'd have to be on some serious painkiller or drugs.

But yeah, it's a horror movie right?

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I have yet to see it, but the previews look hilarious. I love a good comedy, do not understand why they are always marked as horror.

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