Please welcome the Society's first officer for New Zealand!

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I am very pleased to announce that our Society now has an officer in New Zealand.

Chris Sharpe, who runs a PFS game day at Redzeed Gaming in Takapuna, has accepted the role of Venture-Lieutenant and will be working on expanding PFS play opportunities in and around Auckland.

I first met Chris in September last year when he and some friends attended our Spring Shadowmoot, Risen Rune in Sydney. His capability, confidence and charisma, which also contributed to a Chelaxian domination of that Con, convinced me, and others, very quickly that he would be a great Society appointment for New Zealand.

Chris is an IT consultant for a retail software company. He has played and run a plethora of systems since first learning to GM 10 years ago with Rolemaster but Pathfinder emerged as his system of choice 18 months ago. Chris is also heavily involved in competitive Magic: The Gathering.

Chris has several foci for 2013. As well as continuing to strengthen his game day at Redzeed with more players and GMs, he wants to start new game days in the other Auckland stores, and establish a presence for PFS at Auckland's gaming conventions.

If you're a Pathfinder player or GM in New Zealand, whether you're playing PFS, APs, modules, or homebrews, please let us know. You can contact Chris at pfsauckland <at> gmail <dot> com and me at al <at> shadowlodge <dot> org.

Please join me in welcoming Chris to the team!

VC, Sydney

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Hi all,

Thank you Alistair for that grand introduction. I'm glad to finally get to step up to this position. I've met so many fantastic people playing this game, and I thoroughly look forward to getting to know more New Zealand players, and to help facilitate better and more RPG events in our great country.

Al already said above, but if you are a player here in NZ, please get in contact with me, as I'd love to get a network of players so that we're able to connect in a way that was previously impossible.


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Welcome to the team!

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Congratulations Chris!

I look forward to catching up with you on April 23 after my Brisbane trip

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Congraz! :)

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Congrats and welcome Chris!

Congrats Chris! Nice to see a fellow Kiwi becoming a PFS officer. I don't actually play as much Pathfinder as I'd like (despite owning a whole bunch of it we've ended up on other systems for a bit), but I'm a big Paizo fan and located in Auckland.

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Very good to hear PFS has a firmer base in NZ.

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Huzzah!!! Welcome aboard sir!!!

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Neat. You'll do a great job.

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Glad to hear! I'll have to visit.

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Congrats! I look forward to hearing great things from you!

Congratulations! (or maybe a "sweet as, bro!") Best of luck with everything- Aotearoa is blessed.

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Venture Officers everywhere! Welcome to the team. :)

I so need to plan an awesome mega vacation to all these cool places that we have peeps now...

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Welcome, Chris!

Awesome! I'll have to make my way over to North Shore one of these days. I've been lucky enough to have played in a few different groups since emigrating to NZ in 2010, but it's been shocking how few organizations exist for gamers in Auckland. Glad to see the Auckland Pathfinder Society is finally recognized!

Heh... For some reason I read Chris as being in Tauranga at first... I've never heard of Redzeed before, I'll have to head over the shore and have a look some time.

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Congratulations, Chris!! I wish you success in New Zealand.

Grand Lodge

Congrats Chris!

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