Sczarni Faction Goals Status Report


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Trusted Friend,

Congratulations are in order, my friend! Your guile and clever words have earned us many allies, to say nothing of your influential arm-twisting, polite “suggestions,” and timely messages dropped into waiting pockets. Of course, we’re speaking of hypothetical tasks and nothing that would ever hold up in a Korvosan courtroom, right?

Just the other day I had the pleasure of telling one of our new friends to jump, and do you know what he did? He jumped! That is the type of loyalty and influence we need in the family, and we now command that type of power in Varisia. Certainly we have stepped on a few toes in our ascent, but with Varisia in hand, we should have little to fear on the home front.

Upon my return to Absalom with a cadre of cousins, you can imagine how displeased I was to find that our prestige has not grown there over the course of a year; apparently what happens in Varisia stays in Varisia, much to my dismay. We shall have to work diligently indeed to ensure that our family’s name grows beyond the crowded territory.

In the meantime, keep a close eye on the Lissalan developments in Varisia. While a adopting a runelord as a client may at first sound like a lucrative proposition, do not allow short-term greed to threaten long-term survival. I have no doubt that it would not only undo our accomplishments over the past year but also make Avistan a much less comfortable place to run a legitimate business like ours. Scratch the Pathfinder Society’s back in their fight against the Lissalans, and perhaps later they will scratch ours.

Stay sharp,
Guaril Karela


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Dear Gorilla Care-alot.

While I was getting you some book for someone else I got brandeded by that Lysol person. Is this bad? Maybe I can use this to sneak into their club and take more of their stuffs for us Zarniests.

Always sharp,
Pontificor the Great

The Exchange

Hey Cousin,

So I know we're doing good with all this talking to other people and all, but remember when we started taking control of Absalom with a furious pecking of beaks? Being nice is hard! I want to get back to taking all the shinies. If you need any legs broken, I'm your birdman. But all this talking is making me sleepy.

Also, people keep telling me that I have to retire soon? I'm working on a couple more missions, but then I guess I'll just work for the family full time. Retirement sounds really boring. I hope someone has something fun for me to do... I don't have enough shinies yet!

Thanks for giving me fun stuff to do besides save-the-world-from-some-cult-blah-blah-blah.

Leader of the New Crowsworn Guild, Ivy District, Absalom


Mother and Father send their regards.

I'm delighted to hear how your enterprises in Varisia have gone!

I spent most of the time while you were away keeping the Pickled Imp in good order, frightening away troublemakers, and such. I was even invited to an instructional session with the Chelish ambassador, but she was apparently arrested or something before I could attend.

I've always loved Varisian clothing; if you've brought back anything new with you, may I see?

Though I could deal with one or two people, maybe four if I had friends with me, I couldn't deal with a whole cult by myself. If I could meet them one at a time, the attention of a careful Calistrian would be sure to convert at least several!

I still haven't done much letter-writing, so I hope this finds your approval.

Eagerly awaiting your return,

Ms. Shirisa Ipiers (Call me "Spixe")

Dark Archive

Greetings gentlemen,
I am Sven Von Jeggare. I hope to work well in conjunction with your organization in Korvosa and the surrounding area.

Dark Archive

Greetings long standing friends,

I am writing this envoy today to report of a building relationship with your factions forces located in the Varisia region. I am a born and bred Korvosian and have long admired Scarni work ethic and tradecraft.
I am writing to report that I have given my support of several scarni groups with-in the city of Magnimar. I have freely given armaments and military training to some groups to aid in bolstering their power with-in the city. Any profits of course will be kicked up to the regional bosses and of course you here in Absalon. I simply wish to make sure Varisia controls Varisia and resist the outside influence of foreign powers to our realm. I believe the scarni in Varisia and my own efforts our one in the same. I write again to express my interest in continued friendship and mutual protection.

Thank you, very respectfully

Sven Von Jeggare of the Noble House Jeggare
Noble of Korvosa, Defender of Varisia
Member of the Honorable faction of Cheliax. May the house of Thrune continue to rule with wisdom and glory.

What's a Jelly ax doing hanging out here? Dontchya have an adventure cap'n to rescue? No wait, I did it! Us Zarniests.. with a "Z"... are qutte capable on our own. I am willing ta bet you are chumming up with the other silly factions. Do not waste your time with the Grand Boring or Andy-or-Anns they are too stubborn to listen. Plus the Andy-or-Anns hate Jelly-axes like you for some reason. I do not know yet, but when I find out I will letchya know.


An parchment written in ornate calligraphy is handed to Guaril. He reads:

The Last Will and Testament of Arni Carni

I din' have nuttin', so I ain' leavin' ya nuttin', 'cept this pretty piece o' paper, and me copy o' the Rules.

The illegible scrawl of Arni's signature mark attests to the authenticity of the document. As Guaril looks up form the writ, the messenger hands over a dog-eared volume with the words Marquis de Queensbury prominently arched across the cover.

Grand Lodge

Greetings Relatives,

I step out of the shadows and act as your hands in the days to come. If you have need of my help it is yours... you know where to find me.

and leave the Cheliaxian alone, he might be helpful in the future... i know i was born in that country.


Greetings Cousins,

Should any of the family find that they need help with, hypothetical at any rate, leanings or arm twistings, you can feel free to rely on me.

Boy, I sure miss the sights, sounds, and smells of home. Perhaps you can send me back there soon, eh Cousin?

If it helps any, I have a rank in Profession: Brute Squad.

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