Picking a 3rd level spell as a 'racial' spell like ability for Crafter Wizard


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We're playing a game in a few weeks, where each of us gains a 3rd level or lower spell from any class. We get additional uses, or the ability to use it with a meta magic at 5th level and increases 10th, 15th and 20th.

Problem is, I can't figure out what spell to pick with a crafting Wizard. The spell is suppose to lend itself to a particular talent of the character as well.

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Fly, because you crafted a jetpack.

Or just consider what you want to have available to you still and silent, since spell-likes are cool like that.

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Gallant Inspiration would seem to fit the bill. You could use while crafting to create masterpieces (or at least slavage would be failures). It also will probably be useful throughout you adventuring career as its an immediate action and can be used in combat.

Good Hope or Heroism is also a potent spell option giving you a bonus to skill checks which seems appropriate.

Minor Creation (summoner 3) or Stone Shape might work too. Its a versatile spell that could take advantage of your crafting skills.

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