We've Been Busy


Grand Lodge

So much happening all at once it's almost like the Rune Lords have returned to Thassilonia...or have they?

Listen brethren, hear me. We have an opportunity here and we've been quick to grab it. Under the Family's guidance we have made some coin and some friends but what are we really doing helping Pathfinders plunder our lands? While you explore with the southerners don't forget to take back our artifacts. They are ours after all.
And remember, good help is a Sczarni caravan away. We should push to have every Lodge House staffed by Sczarni. Especially Sczarni women (because who wouldn't want that?)
With the Pathfinders help we could clear out some more troublesome areas as well...like clearing Korvosa of Cheliax. Especially those annoying Hell Knights.


I agree on the women part, but isn't the rest kind of obvious anyway? Not to say I doubt your intelligence, cousin, but some of these matters may best not be discussed in public. May I refer you to the Absalom Family Day? We can talk more privately there.


Well Unci Gorrilla helpeded me be a pathsearcher so I could loot things and do cool stuffs. He knew I had the greaterest potential. He even gave me a porter to help me carry the stuffs I grab! I think he need more gnomes as family. Granted evey gnome I pathsearched with was a zarni, but more would be better.

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