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Clockwork Gnome Publishing's latest offering is now available at the Paizo store. Michael Welham (2012 Paizo RPGSuperstar) presents the first in our new line of books, the Player's Toolbox.

Player's Toolbox 
From the heart of the primordial forest.

Cousins of the treants and guardians of the woodlands, the arborlings are a plant-like race of humanoids that stand outside the boundaries of civilization. They are deliberate and straightforward creatures who remain the constant enemy of those who seek to despoil the world or unduly tax the resources provided by nature's bounty. While arborlings are an isolated race, remaining safe in their ancient homelands, a few have heard the call of the adventuring life. And now they stand poised to bring the power of nature to the bear against the evil forces in your campaign!

While designed for the  Pathfinder Roleplaying Game, this book can be effortlessly used with the 3.5 edition of the World's Oldest Roleplaying Game. 

Player's Toolbox: Arborlings includes:

  • A complete standard race (10 racial points) that utilizes the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game Advanced Race Guide format.
  • Six alternate racial traits and six alternate favored class options.
  • New equipment and two new magic items designed specifically for use by the arborlings.
  • Four new feats and three new spells. 
  • A new racial archetype, the root-bonded witch.
  • Includes two versions of the book; a color copy and a bare bones, art-free copy. 
  • Fully hyperlinked to provide easy access to the most popular independent Pathfinder Roleplaying Game SRD on the web.

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